International seminar Geometry "in large",
dedicated to 85 anniversary of A.V.Pogorelov

Seminar program

May 11
Marchenko V.A. On the life of academician A.V.Pogorelov(*.pdf, 45kb, rus,*.pdf, 37kb, eng.)
Sabitov I.Kh. On the volume of polyhedra
Babenko V.I. One problem of optimization of critical pressure in geometric theory of stability of strongly convex shells (*.pdf, 65)

May 12
Milka A.D. Fragments of geometry foundations
Medianik A.I. On Hadamard matrices as a geometric phenomenon (*.pdf, 56kb,rus.)
Gorkavyy V.A. On Backlund transformations of pseudo-spherical surfaces in E4 (*.pdf, 91kb, eng)
Tihonova O.A. On ruled surfaces in four-dimensional Euclidean space (*.pdf, 86kb, rus)
Bolotov D.V. On one Gromov problem about macroscopic dimension (*.pdf, 99kb, rus)
Lejbina O.V. Chern-Lashof absolute curvature on complex submanifolds

May 13
Lisitsa V.T. Manifolds with closed geodesics and the resonance in Hamilton systems (*.pdf, 82kb, rus)
Yampolsky A.L. On totally geodesic vector fields  (*.pdf, 56kb, eng)
Sabitov I.Kh. Analytical proof of the Legendre-Cauchy lemma on the convex polygons
Okrut S.I. Holomorphic conformal submersions of Kahler-Einstein manifolds (*.pdf, 111kb, rus)
Gurin A.M. An estimation for the number of Dirichle-Voronoy domains  for some Delone-Alexandrov system of points

May 14
Masaltsev L.A. On isometric immersions of 3-dimensional geometries SL2, Nil3, Sol3 into 4-dimensional spaces of constant curvature (*.pdf, 112kb, eng)
DiskantV.I. Refinement of an analogue of the isoperimetric inequality and a theorem on the stability of extremal solutions
Sokolov D.D. Geodesics on manifolds with random curvature (*.pdf, 166kb, rus)
Petrov E.V. On the stability of complete minimal surfaces in the Heisenberg group (*.pdf, 164kb, rus)
Kruglov V.V. Totally geodesic distributions
Vlasenko D.I. Extremal properties of Lobachevsky space

Kharkiv mathematical society
Moore J.D. The three stages of Morse theory (*.pdf, 99kb, eng)

May 15
Moore J.D. Bumpy metrics and branch points of minimal spheres and tori (*.pdf, 100kb, eng)
Aminov Yu.A. On Bianchi orthogonal coordinate system in many-dimensional Euclidean space (local and global results) (*.pdf, 114 kb, rus, *.pdf, 82 kb, eng)
Il’enko K. Isotropic 2-surfaces in 4-D space-times

List of partisipant

Aminov Yu.A  (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine)
Babenko V.I. (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine)
Bolotov D.V. (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine)
Diskant V.I. (Cherkassy State Technologies University, Ukraine)
Gorkaviy V.A. (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine)
Gurin A.M. (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine)
Ilienko K.V.(A.Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics, Ukraine)
Kruglov V. (V.Karazin State University, Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Lejbina O.V. (V.Karazin State University, Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Lisitsa V.T.  (V.Karazin State University, Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Marchenko V.A. (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine)
Masaltsev L.A. (V.Karazin State University, Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Medianik A.I. (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine)
Milka A.D. (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine)
Moore J.D. (University of California, USA)
Okrut S.I. (V.Karazin State University, Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Petrov E.V. (V.Karazin State University, Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Sabitov I.Kh. (M.Lomonosov State University, Moscow, Russia)
Sokolov D.D. (M.Lomonosov State University, Moscow, Russia)
Tihonova O.A. (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine)
Vlasenko D.I. (V.Karazin State University, Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Yampolsky A.L. (V.Karazin State University, Kharkiv, Ukraine)

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