B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering National Academy of Science (NAS) of Ukraine


Head of the Department
Prof. Naidyuk Yurii Georgievich
Tel: +(380)-57-3402211, Fax: +(380)-57-3403370, +(380)-57-3450593, e-mail:naidyuk at ilt.kharkov.ua


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Department was founded in 1970 on the initiative of Full Member of NAS of Ukraine B. I. Verkin

Department was headed by Full Member of NAS of Ukraine I.K. Yanson from 1970 to 2011


The department staff consists of 11 collaborators, among them are

2 Doctors (Ph. D. Habil.): Naidyuk Yu. G., Zolochevskii I. V. and
5 Candidates (Ph. D.) of sciences: Bashlakov D.L., Bobrov N. L., Gamayunova N.V., Kvitnitskaya O. E., Terekhov A. V.


  • point-contact spectroscopy of the electron-phonon and electron-quasiparticle interaction in conductive systems (metals, alloys, intermetallic compounds, topological materials etŮ.)

  • investigation of the modern superconductors ó rare-earth nickelborocarbides, magnesium diboride, high-temperature and iron-based superconductors by Andreev reflection spectroscopy;

  • coexistence of superconductivity, magnetic ordering and spin/charge density waves;

  • relaxation and nonstationary processes in point contacts under high-frequency and laser irradiation;

  • Kondo-effect in metallic contacts;

  • two-level systems in metallic glasses;

  • conductivity quantization in 3-D nanobridges;

  • nonlinear and nonstationary effects in the conductivity of ferromagnetic nanocontacts due to transfer of spin momentum;

  • relaxation and non-stationary processes in superconducting films under high-frequency irradiation

Main results

Discovery and exploitation of the point-contact spectroscopy method.

Atlas of point-contact spectra of electron-phonon interactions for more than 30 metals was published.

Discovery of the Kondo-effect in point contacts with magnetic impurities and the Kondo-size effect.

Detection of the thermal effects in point contacts and establishing of modulation point-contact spectroscopy.

Establishing of point-contact noise spectroscopy of phonons in metals.

Relaxation kinetics of nonequilibrium phonons with Debye energies has been studied and their lifetimes were detected in a variety of metals.

Sign reverse of the point-contact spectra in semimetals due to the strong localization.

Effect of the conductance quantization in 3D atomic-sized metallic contacts. Shell-effect in the conductivity of alkali metal nanowires.

Determining of the temperature and magnetic field dependence of superconducting order parameter in simple superconductors Zn, In, Sn, Nb by Andreev-reflection study.

Obtaining of Andreev-reflection spectra and spectra of electron-phonon interaction for some high-temperature superconductors.

Formation of SQUID between heavy-fermion URu2Si2 and an ordinary superconductor to determine the symmetry of the superconducting order parameter. Revealing of the strong pair-breaking effect of the normal metal--heavy-fermion superconductor interface.

Observation of two-gap superconducting state via Andreev-reflection spectra and specific electron-phonon interaction in MgB2. Detection of anisotropy of electron-phonon interaction in MgB2.

Establishing of the two-band (gap) superconducting state in rare-earth nickel-borocarbide superconductors on the base of Andreev-reflection spectra. Detection of a crystal-electric field effects in these compounds.

Spin-valve effect in point contacts with a single ferromagnetic film (Co). Detection of the resonance excitation of the precession of the magnetization in such contacts.

The phenomenon of microwave-radiation enhancement of superconductivity in the microbridges, superconducting channels and wide films was discovered and investigated.

External irradiation induced phase slip centers and lines of the order parameter in narrow and wide superconducting films were detected and investigated.

The Wohlleben effect was revealed in magnetic superconductors Dy1-xYxRh4B4.

Research groups

Point-contact spectroscopy of electron-quasiparticle interaction

Investigation of spin-dependent effects in conductivity of magnetic point contacts

Andreev-reflection and PC spectroscopy of modern superconductors

Investigation of the thermal (heat capacity), superconducting, ac and dc resistive properties of the modern superconducting structures