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Head of the Department  
Prof. Naidyuk Yurii Georgievich
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Investigation of the thermal (heat capacity), superconducting, ac and dc resistive properties of the modern superconducting structures



Ischenko L.O.

ischenko at ilt.kharkov.ua

Terekhov A.V.

terekhov at ilt.kharkov.ua 

Zolochevskii I.V.

zolochevskii at ilt.kharkov.ua



Main research:

  • investigation of the thermodynamic parameters of high-temperature and magnetic superconductors;

  • study of the coexistence of superconductivity and magnetic ordering in the new high-temperature superconducting compounds;

  • investigation of the superconducting properties of magnetic superconductors, including by the method of Andreev reflection;

  • study of the ac and dc resistive properties of superconducting film structures;


Main results:

The Wohlleben effect (the positive response in the superconducting state while measuring the temperature dependence of magnetization in the FC mode) was detected in Dy1-xYxRh4B4 compounds. It was shown that the effect exists in both magnetic Dy1-xYxRh4B4 (x = 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.6) and nonmagnetic YRh4B4 superconductors.

The investigation of the magnetic properties of Dy1-xYxRh4B4 compound shows that the phase transition at T~30K is a paramagnet-ferrimagnet transition. It is shown that ferrimagnetism also persists be low the temperature of superconducting ordering. As follows from the heat capacity data, there occurs another phase transformation several degrees below the temperature of the superconducting transition, which is most likely magnetic and related to the ferrimagnet antiferromagnet transition. It is found that the phase transition has a significant effect on the charge subsystem of the superconductor and the parameter Δ.


 The magnetic properties and the electric transport of a new magnetic HTSC compound EusFeO0.85F0.15 have been investigated. The first (c1) and the second (c2 ) critical magnetic fields as well as the corresponding magnetic penetration depths λ and coherence lengths have been estimated near Tc. Starting with the lowest fields the temperature dependence c2() exhibits a pronounced hyperbolic behavior. The Andreev reflection spectra have been measured in point contacts based on this compound, which shows the presence of both one-gap and two- gap spectra. Most of the spectra show features that correspond to the case of two gaps with  magnitudes s/k = 2.2 4.7 2Δ1/k = 5,1 11,7. The anomalously high parameters 2Δ/k are indicative of a unconventional mechanism of pairing. These findings and the absence of zero gaps in the all measured spectra give evidence in favor of the anisotropic s-wave (or s) symmetry of the order parameter in the investigated compound.





1. Equipment for the influence of electromagnetic radiation with frequencies up to 100 GHz for superconductors at temperatures 2 - 4.2 K.
2. Equipment for thin films deposition of metals in the oil-free vacuum ≈ 10 - 7  Mmhg.

3. Equipment for the surface resistivity measuring in the temperature range 4.5 - 300 K and a frequency range 1 - 100 MHz.

4. Equipment for the specific heat measuring  by vacuum adiabatic calorimeter in the temperature range 1.5 - 300 K.

5. The point-contact spectrometer for investigation of nonlinear conductivity of contacts. Such spectrometer has a cryogenic equipment for formation of point contacts and measuring of their conducting properties in temperature interval 1.3 - 77 K, magnetic field range 0 - 3 T and under high-frequency irradiation in the range 0.3 - 65 GHz.



International collaboration:

 Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research Polish Academy of Sciences in Wrocław (Wrocław, Poland)

International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures (Wrocław, Poland)

Recent publications:

1. Zolochevskii I. V. Resistive states in wide superconducting films induced by dc and ac currents (review ) // Low Temp. Phys., 40, 10, 867 - 892 (2014).

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