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Andreev-reflection and PC spectroscopy of modern superconductors


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Main research:

  • investigation of modern superconductors — rare-earth nickelborocarbides, magnesium diboride, high-temperature and iron-based superconductors by Andreev reflection spectroscopy;

  • obtaining of point-contact spectra of electron-quasiparticle interaction for above mentioned materials;

  • investigation of coexistence of superconductivity, magnetic ordering and spin/charge density waves in new high-temperature superconducting compounds.

Main recent results:


The data on the distribution of superconducting gap in new superconductor MgB2 with the critical temperature of 39 К were obtainedThe presence of two gaps in MgB2 is established. Their values are found to be 2,45±0,15 and 7,0±0.4 mV with the relation 1:3, what is in accordance with the theoretical estimations.
The existence of two superconducting gaps in non-magnetic R=Y, Lu and antiferromagnetic FМ) R=Tm, Er nickel-borocarbide superconducting compounds RNi2B2C was shown. The superconducting gap for compounds with commensurate АFM order R=Ho and Dy has a BCS-like behavior in the antiferromagnetic state. The gap for R=Tm starts to decrease at the approach to the magnetic state with non-commensurate АFМ order.

The existence of two-band superconducting state for antiferromagnetic (TN=6K) nickel-borocarbide superconductor (Tc =11.3K) ErNi2B2C is shown. Such state is characterized by two order-parameters. The temperature dependence of order parameter along two main crystallographic directions was obtained. The essential decrease of superconducting order parameter at the transition in the antiferromagnetic state was revealed.

Using point-contact Andreev-reflection spectroscopy, emergent iron-based pnictide and chalcogenide superconductors of different structure have been investigated. Along with determination of superconducting gap and its temperature and magnetic field dependence suggestions was made how to separate the spectroscopic features in dV/dI(V) from those caused by the thermal regime. Using Yanson point-contact spectroscopy single 20 meV boson mode in KFe2As2 was detected. A rise in the superconducting critical temperature Tc of more than two times (exceeding 20 K) is discovered in point contacts created between iron chalcogenide FeSe single crystals and Cu.




The point-contact spectrometers for investigation of nonlinear conductivity of point contacts. The spectrometers have a cryogenic equipment for creation of point contacts and measuring of
conducting properties of point contacts in temperature interval 1.5-77 K and magnetic field 0-9T.

International collaboration:

- Institute of Experimental Physics, Kosice, Slovak Republik

- Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research, Dresden, Germany

- Physical Institute University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany

- Texas A&M University, College Station, USA

Recent publications and reviews:

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