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Investigation of spin-dependent effects in conductivity of magnetic point contacts


Bashlakov D.L.

bashlakov at ilt.kharkov.ua

Naidyuk Yu.G. naidyuk at ilt.kharkov.ua 


Main research:

  • observation and investigation peculiarities of the electron transport in normal metal−ferromagnetic and normal metal−ferromagnetic−antiferromagnetic nano-sized contacts, which are connected with effects of the electron spin momentum transmission;
  • finding of influence of flow current regime, thickness of ferromagnetic layer and exchange displacement effect on the effect of the spin momentum transmission in nano-sized contacts with ferromagnetics;
  • study of high-frequency irradiation effect and search for the resonance absorption of electromagnetic high-frequency waves for above-noted structures.   

Main results:

Spin-valve structure can be formed on atomic scale using the method of point-contact spectroscopy. It was found, that an atomically-sized surface ferromagnetic layer, which has weaken exchange interaction with a bulk, plays role of a spin-valve.
New stable state of surface spin-valve effect in nano-contacts with ferromagnetic was observed. This state is connected with a formation of magnetic vortex due to oersted magnetic field of high density transport current in the contact.

Exchange bias effect on the magnetoresistance of nano-sized point contacts between a normal metal and a Co-film contacting to an antiferromagnet was observed. Such effect becomes stronger with decreasing of the film thickness.

The resonant magnetization precession induced by the HF electromagnetic field was discovered in the surface spin valve.  



The point-contact spectrometer for investigation of nonlinear conductivity of contacts. Such spectrometer has a cryogenic equipment for creation of point-contacts and measuring of conducting properties of point contacts in temperature interval 1.5-77 K, magnetic field range 0-6T and under high-frequency irradiation in the range 4 - 65 GHz.

International collaboration:

- Chalmers University of Technology, Geteborg, Sweden

- Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory, Leiden, The Netherlands

- Physical Department University of Konstanz, Germany


- Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Last main publications:

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