The Head of the Department is a Doctor of Physics and Mathematics SOKOLOV Sviatoslav Sergeevich
tel .: + (380) -57-341-09-81
fax: + (380) -57-340-33-70

It was founded in 1964 by Prof. Boris Naumovich Eselson (1917-1980), an Honored Science Worker of Ukraine , Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. The Department continues the scientific traditions of the cryogenic laboratory established at the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (KIPT), earlier referred to as Ukrainian Institute of Physics and Technology, by L.V.Shubnikov in the pre-WWII years, where investigations on liquid helium were pioneered in the FSU. At present the Department is a unique research division in Ukraine engaged in experimental investigations of the properties of liquid and solid helium at low and ultralow temperatures.

Since its foundation, the Department has been developing not only traditional but also new scientific trends in physics of helium. The focus of attention has now shifted towards ultralow temperatures and the main objects of investigation are liquid and solid helium isotopes 3He and 4He and their mixtures, charged particles in liquid and solid helium, low-dimensional electron systems over liquid helium as well as nanostructures, which formed in the condensed helium. The experimental basis has been expanded and updated continuously, which has enabled investigations in milli-kelvin range.

After 1980 the Department was headed by V.N. Grigor'ev, V.A. Mikheev, and from  1994  to 2011 Prof. E.Ya.Rudavskii had been at the head of the Department.

The Department employs Doctors of Physics and Mathematics ( Corresponding member of National Academy of Scoences (NAS) of UkraineE.Ya.Rudavskii, V.K.Chagovets , V.A.Maidanov N.P.Mikhin, G.A.Sheshin) and  Candidates (PhD) in Physics and Mathematics (A.S. Rybalko, V.E. Sivokon, V.A. Nikolaenko,  I.V. Sharapova, A.P. Birchenko, Mykhailenko K.A.).

For a long time in the Department worked Doctors of Physics and Mathematics: Professor V.N. Grigor’ev, Yu.Z. Kovdrya, V.A. Mikheev and Candidates (PhD) in Physics and Mathematics: A.A. Golub, L.S. Dikina, N.E. Dyumin, V.G. Ivantsov, O.I. Kirichek, G.A. Mikhailov, N.F. Omelaenko, L.A. Pogorelov, I.A. Serbin, V.I. Sobolev, V.A. Schwartz, V.A. Goncharov, S.V. Svatko, N.V. Zuev, I.B. Berkutov, V.V. Dotsenko, A.N. Ganshin, Yu.A. Tokar, S.P. Gladchenko, A.A. Penzev, A.V. Polev, E.S. Syrnikov, T.V. Kalko, A.A. Zadorozhko, E.O. Vekhov, K.A. Nasedkin, I.A. Degtyarev., V.Yu. Rubansky, I.A. Gritsenko