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Sensor technology and portable sensor device for noninvasive diagnostics of the human organism state


The proposed sensor technology is built on application of point-contact nanosensors which are a brand new type of modern analytical transducers. The principle of their operation is based on the fundamentals of Yanson point-contact spectroscopy actualizing the sensitive effect of the point contact to gases. One of the original properties of point-contact sensors is complex response curves upon the action of intricate gas media which are similar to point-contact spectra obtained in Yanson point-contact spectroscopy. This type of response is connected with quantum nature of point contacts. Due to their quantum electric properties point contacts are able to record fine variations in superficial states which are caused by interaction with external agents. This peculiarity of point contacts allows selectively analyzing complex gas media by registration a multiparameter response, i.e. analyte profile, without determining particular components of the gas mixture. The efficiency of the innovative approach proposed by us has already been successfully demonstrated through the pioneer detection of virulent strains of Helicobacter pylori in the real-time mode using the point-contact spectroscopic concept of breath analysis. The point-contact sensor technology along with the portable sensor device is a basis for development of a new generation of breath tests and innovative screening technologies of medical diagnoses in the real-time mode.



Technological phases of nanosensor production and analytical procedures are based on original developments, unique approaches, and scientific know how, including original technology of Yanson point-contact spectroscopy, original technology of electrode preparation for point-contact sensors, original technology of point-contact sensor production, original technology of mesoscopic point-contact sensor multistructure preparation, method for performing measurements and analyzing the composition of human breath gas, equipment for recording point-contact sensor response curves and analysing human breath gas in the real-time mode, and original software package.

Technical characteristics:

Time of technological cycle to produce a laboratory sample of a sensitive element: no more than 15 minutes;

active type sensor: full autonomy of operation (without external energy sources);

working temperature range for sensor investigations of breath gas: 10 – 45˚С;

duration of breath test: 2-5 minutes ;

dimensions of portable device: 188 x 140 x 45 mm3;

weight of portable device: 425 g.


Application area:

Application area of the technology and portable sensor device includes:

- development of innovative screening technologies of medical diagnostics based on sensor analysis of human breath gas in the real-time mode;

- development of innovative technologies for monitoring industrial regions subject to a strong anthropogenic influence in the real-time regime;

- development of innovative technologies for monitoring the environment in the real-time mode.


Innovative aspects:

- the technology is based on originals ideas and innovative solutions proposed by the authors for the first time;

- point-contact nanosensors are a new type of modern transducers surpassing other existing nanosensors all over the world;

- the efficiency of innovative approach proposed by us has already been demonstrated through the pioneer results concerning the detection of Helicobacter pylori virulent strains in the real-time mode;

- unique original devices for creation of nanosized point-contact nanosensors and mesoscopic point-contact sensor multistructures;

- original software for obtaining and analyzing results.

Main advantages:

- possibility of creating point-contact nanosensors which surpass the existing analogs;

- possibility of developing innovative methods of noninvasive medical diagnostics in the real-time mode;

- possibility of developing innovative screening technologies of noninvasive medical diagnostics in the real-time mode;

- simplicity of the advanced technological process;

- high economic efficiency: the cost of analytical technologies using point-contact sensors is essentially lower than that of the existing sensor techniques;

- high automation of the investigation process.


Key words:

Nanotechnology, point-contact sensors, Yanson point-contact spectroscopy, breath analysis, noninvasive medical diagnoses, functional materials.



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