Department of Optical and Magnetic Properties of Solids

B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Experimental equipment:

  • Equipment for optical investigations (absorption, luminescence) in far infrared (wavelength interval 50 - 1000 mkm), visible and near infrared (200 - 1200 nm) ranges in temperature range 1.5 - 300 K and with magnetic field up to 7 T.
  • Equipment for magnetooptic spectroscopic investigations (birefringence, dichroism) in the Voight and Faraday experimental geometries: magnetic field – up to 7 T; spectral range – 300 - 800 nm; temperature range – 6 - 300 K; frequency of piezo-acoustic modulator – 18 kHz.
  • Equipment for measurements of the Faraday, polar and longitudinal Kerr effects: magnetic field up to 1.7 T; room temperature.
  • Equipment for visual observations of magnetic, antiferromagnetic and crystalline domain structures in the static magnetic field up to 7 T in the temperature range 6 - 300 K.
  • Setup for measurements of magnetization and magnetic susceptibility in the pulse magnetic field (up to 30 T) in the temperature range 1.6 - 300 K.
  • Setup for measurements of the high-frequency and resonance properties (EPR) of magnetics in the frequency region 15 - 190 GHz and DC magnetic field up to 7.5 T at temperatures ranging from 1.7 K to 150 K.