Superconducting & mesoscopic structures

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Nature is quantum, and on mesoscopic scale this results in peculiar and useful properties of matter. In our Department of Superconducting and Mesoscopic Structures we study, both experimentally and theoretically, related phenomena. Particularly, fields of our interest are the following: weak superconductivity, non-equilibrium phenomena in superconductors, driven few-level quantum systems, low temperature scanning laser microscopy. We believe that our study is useful for both deeper understanding of fundamental laws of physics, as they become apparent in mesoscopic systems, and also for the development of new applications in prospective future devices such as quantum computers, SQUID-based microscopes, thermal imagers.

More about major directions of our present research can be found in Research section; and this is illustrated by the pictograms above. And previous results, accumulated during more than half-century history of our department, are summarized in History and are illustrated by the pictograms below.
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