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    The main areas of our research are experimental and theoretical investigations of transport of normal metal and superconducting systems at low temperatures. We have accumulated the wide experience of developing original experimental and theoretical methods.
    Since 1970 our main results are: the observation of quantum size effect and effects of weak localization in thin films of semimetals, the discovery new type of quantum oscillations of kinetic coefficients, which can be observed at relatively high temperatures etc.
    Theoretical works, which are carrying out in the department, continue the traditions of scientific school of I. Lifshitz.  Results of investigations of kinetic phenomena in metals with an arbitrary dispersion low of charge carriers, which had been obtained by our theorists, contributed essentially in the development of the electron theory of metals.
    Results of investigations are published in reviews and books. They were awarded the prestigious national prizes.
    Now we study experimentally the quantum transport in new conducting systems: two-dimensional electron gas, multicomponent conductors and superconductors, normal metal-superconductor systems. We investigate theoretically the electron transport in organic layered conductors and tunnel point contacts.
    Our field of interests are the effects of weak localization, interaction of charge carriers, spin-orbit interaction in 2D electron gas, quantum Hall effect, the influence of crystal lattice disorder on kinetic, superconducting and magnetic properties, quantum coherent phenomena in the system normal metal - superconductor, kinetic phenomena in layered metals and point contacts.
    Our experimental equipments enable to study conducting properties in the temperature range 75 mK - 300 K in magnetic field up to 6 T.
    5 Doctors of Sciences and 8 Candidates of Sciences (Ph.D) work in the department.


Our address:
B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
47 Nauky Ave., Kharkov, 61103, Ukraine.
phone: +380(57)-341-08-68, fax: + (380)-57-340-33-70