The department was formed in 1970 on the basis of the scientific groups engaged in the investigations of the kinetic phenomena in metals in the department of Academician B.I. Verkin, the founder of the Institute. From the date of foundation till 2002, the head of the department was Prof. Yu.F. Komnik. The scientists of the department obtained important results in the field of investigation of electron phenomena in metals, semimetals, thin films and two dimensional conducting systems (see, Achievements). In 2002 a group of theorists, the specialists in electron properties of conducting systems (Prof. V.G. Peschansky and his disciples),  joined the department. The department was led by Doctor of Sciences (physics and mathematics), Prof. Yu.A. Kolesnichenko. In 2011 the department was merged with the department of superconductivity (till 2009 the head of the department of superconductivity was Prof. V.M. Dmitriev)