Ilya Krive, DSc, Professor.

08.07.1948 - 09.01.2021

Photo of Ilya Krive ILT head of the Department of Theoretical Physics Kharkiv Ukraine

Graduated from Kharkov State University in 1972.

PhD Phys & Math, Kiev Institute for Theoretical Physics, 1977.

DSc Phys & Math, Kharkov State University, 1988.

Started work at ILTPE in 1992.

Total number of publications – 180, including 14 review papers.
Participated in more than 50 domestic and international conferences.

Areas of specialization:

Condensed matter physics (theory), quantum field theory.

h-index 17.

Most significant papers:

  1. I.V.Krive, A.D.Linde, On the vacuum stability in sigma model, Nuclear Physics B, v.117, p.265 (1976).
  2. L.É.Gendenshteĭn, I.V.Krive, Supersymmetry in quantum mechanics, Physics-Uspekhi, v.28, p.645 (1985).
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  6. I.V.Krive, S.A.Naftulin, Dynamical symmetry breaking and phase transitions in a three-dimensional Gross-Neveu model in a strong magnetic field, Phys.Rev.D, v.46, p.2737 (1992).
  7. I.V.Krive, A.M.Kadigrobov, R.I.Shekhter, M.Jonson, Influence of the Rashba effect on the Josephson current through a superconductor/Luttinger liquid/superconductor tunnel junction, Phys.Rev.B, v.71, p.214516 (2005).
  8. I.V.Krive, R.I.Shekhter, M.Jonson, Carbon “peapods”— a new tunable nanoscale graphitic structure, Low Temperature Physics, v.32, p.887 (2006).
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  10. P.Utko, R.Ferone, I.V.Krive, R.I.Shekhter, M.Jonson, M.Monthioux, L.Noé, Nanoelectromechanical coupling in fullerene peapods probed by resonant electrical transport experiments, Nature Communications, v.1, p.37 (2010).
  11. A.V.Parafilo, I.V.Krive, R.I.Shekhter, Y.W.Park, M.Jonson, Polaronic effects and thermally enhanced weak superconductivity, Phys.Rev.B, v.89, p.115138 (2014).
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