Superconducting & mesoscopic structures

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We study the properties of superconducting film structures to create the effective infrared thermal imaging system working in wide spectral range.

We create original models of the specialized infrared systems for scientific research.

We study the dynamics of thermal fields on the surface of objects (including biological) caused by external and internal processes.

The HTSC infrared imager
The idea is based on the original principles to drive the coordinate sensitivity of superconducting bolometric structure by external (current, magnetic, thermal etc) impact. The method of the control of coordinate sensitivity of HTSC bolometer was experimentally realized using the laser scanning probe for formation the sites on the surface of HTSC film meander sensitive to infrared radiation.
Constructed high efficient HTSC bolometric multielement IR imager with electrodeless readout of thermal field spatial distribution is an alternative approach for the image visualization using the focal plane array. [V. Yefremenko 2007 and   ]

Development and prototyping the various original models of IR systems
We develop and prototype the various specialized models of IR systems with original software for solving nonstandard tasks of the thermal analysis in scientific research. The basic idea is the modular design of hard- and software of the devices that make it possible to change the parameters and software functions in accordance with the purpose of specific experiment, to combine with other scientific or medical equipment with the creation of the common interface etc. [ ,   ]

The study of the dynamics of surface thermal fields
The study of the dynamics of anomalous thermal fields on the skin to predict the level of local toxicity in cancer patients treated with chemoradiotherapy.      

The study of the heterogeneity of the thermal diffusion in composite materials using dynamic thermography to detect internal defects by analyzing the amplitude and temporal changes of the thermal fields on the object surface.
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