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The NATO Science Programme

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 Ukraine, Crimea, May 2000.

           Sponsored by NATO and ILTPE (Ukraine)

The NATO Science Programme Advanced Study Institute (ASI) will serve as a forum for discussing fundamental issues in the field of magnetostriction phenomena and the principles of their applications in various disciplines of science and technology.

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The program will include lectures, progress reports and poster presentation covering new developments that relate to both fundamental and practical problems involving magnetostriction phenomena.

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The Conference Center in Partenit lies in the heart of the Crimea by the Black Sea and mountains. It is conveniently situated close to Simferopol International Airport. The Conference Center uses the all under one roof formula which means that accomodation, meals and conference place are all in the same building. During late spring time an average daytime temperature of 25 C can be expected.

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Diverse activities for participants and their companions will be organized in association with the ASI.

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wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) General Introduction to Modern Trends in Magnetostriction Study and Application

wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) Theory of magnetostriction and related phenomena

wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) Rare earth magnetostriction study and application

wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) Magnetostriction of amorphous materials

wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) CMR Materials

wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) Giant magnetostriction in superconductors

wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) Structural study of Magnetostriction

wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) Industrial applications

wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) Magnetostriction of nanostructured materials

Co-Director Eremenko/V./Prof

Co-Director Gibbs/ M R J/ Prof.

Co-Director Szymczak /H./Prof.

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Eremenko V.V. (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Gibbs M. R. J (Scheffield, UK)

Szymczak H. (Warsaw, Poland)

Bar'yakhtar V. (Kiev, Ukraine)

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wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) Eremenko V.V. (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Institute for Low Temperature Physics & Engineering

wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) Gibbs M. R. J (Scheffield, UK)

Department of Physics and Astronomy The University of Sheffield

wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) Szymczak H. (Warsaw, Poland)

Institute of Physics, Polysh Academy of Sciences

wb00860_.gif (262 bytes) Bar'yakhtar V. (Kiev, Ukraine)

National Academy of Science of Ukraine

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Those interested in the various areas of magnetostriction phenomena are invited to attend the ASI. In order to receive further information complete please the attached pre-registration form and send it to the address of the ASI office.

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   Institute for Low Temperature Physics &  Engineering,
47, Lenin ave., 310164, Kharkov, Ukraine,
Fax:+380-(572)-322-370, +380-(572)-335-593,
E_mail: ASI-2000@ilt.kharkov.ua