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ILT 9-2004 Cryostat for Microscopy

The ILT 9-2004 cryostat is specifically designed for Low-Temperature Laser Scanning Microscopy (LTLSM) and for high-resolution magneto-optical (MO) measurements.


  • Reflected Light and Laser Scanning Microscopy

  • UV, VIS, IR and Raman Spectroscopy

  • Material Science and Solid-State Physics

  • Failure and defect analysis in superconducting films and planar DC/rf devices

  • Can be used with the Superconducting magnet system

Advantages of the cryostat include:

  • Window clear aperture > 25 mm

  • Sub-micron spatial resolution guarantied at microscope imaging. Sample holder vibration < 0.1 m

  • Sample holder diameter 25 mm. Adjustable sample position

  • Precise temperature stabilization from 78 K to room temperature. Temperature stability 0.01 K with using PID controller

  • Minimized sample drift in vertical and horizontal position. At 78 K, after 2 hrs 0.3 m lateral, 1 m vertical

Options include interchangeable sample holders for different sample orientations

The liquid nitrogen (LN2) optical cryostat operates at temperatures between 77 and 300 K (up to 325 K) usually; maintain the sample in vacuum conditions.


  • Dimensions of LN2 vacuum loaded cryostat:
    height is 270 mm including 100 mm top tip of 37 mm diameter
    flange diameter 190 mm
  • Liquid nitrogen consumption < 0.25 litres/hr
  • Liquid nitrogen volume 1.2 litres
  • Liquid nitrogen hold time ~ 8 hours
  • Heater resistance 50 Ohm
  • Cool down time (from 300 K to 78 K) < 60 min
  • Connectors: two 10 PIN electrical connectors
  • Weight 6 kg

The details of the cryostat specifications may be customized by order.