Yevgeniy (Yevgen) Syrkin, Leading Researcher


MAILING ADDRESS : B.I Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics & Engineering of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, 47, Lenin Avenue, 61103 Kharkov

Graduated from Kharkov State University in1965.

PhD Phys & Math, ILTPE, 1974,

DrS Phys & Math, ILTPE, 1990,

Professor (Theoretical Physics), 2005.

Started work at ILTPE in 1965. Has occupied the position of Professor of the Department of General and Experimental Physics of NTU ”Kharkivskiy Politechnical Institute” since 2002. Visiting Professor at Max Plank Institute (Dresden, Germany) in 1998 and at P.J. Shafarik University (Kosize, Slovak Republic) in the years 1991-2004 with a currently being implemented Agreement on cooperation with the last one. Participated in more than 50 international conferences and has published more 200 articles in Ukrainian and international journals on physics.

Research area: Lattice Dynamics, phonons and other quasi-particle excitations in solids:

  • Propagation and localization of vibrations in infinite and semi-infinite crystals, surface waves, heat transfer between different media;
  • Vibrational characteristics of real crystals;
  • Dynamics of strongly anisotropic crystal structures, and quasi-low-dimensional lattices;
  • Quasi-particle spectra and vibrational characteristics of nanoclusters and other nanosystems.

The main achievements:

  • Dynamics of Highly Anisotropic (Quasi Low Dimensional) and Multi Layer Crystals
  • The mechanism of Kapitsa thermal resistance was proposed.
  • The condition of creation and characteristics of localized states connected with point impurities and continuous defects (twins, interfaces, adsorbed layers, etc.) were investigated and analyzed in detail.
  • Shear waves localized near a mono-atomic layer adsorbed on the free surface of a strongly anisotropic layered crystal are studied at the microscopic level using a vector lattice model with translational and rotational invariance and elastic stability. It is shown that in some cases a non-central inter-atomic interaction results in the appearance of surface shear waves of a special type with one or two termination points and a damping parameter which is a non-monotonic function the two–dimensional wave vector.
  • Multi-channel resonance transmission of phonons through the interface of the point contact was studied using the theory of capillary effects. We showed that anomalous peaks of the reduced heat flow at low temperatures are induced by the resonance transport of phonons through different layers of impurity atoms. Characteristics of channels of the phonon heat flow are calculated. The data obtained were in good agreement with the experimental results..

Selected publications:

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