Sergei Shevchenko - Leading Researcher.

Graduated from Kharkov Polytechnical Institute in 1964.

PhD Phys & Math (1970); DSc Phys & Math (1993). 
Since 1971 has worked at ILTPE as a junior researcher, senior researcher (1976-1995), from 1995 leading researcher. 1985  1995 > professor at Kharkov State University; since 1995 professor at Kharkov Polytechnical University.

Research areas:

Excitonic Superfluidity in Multilayer Electron Systems

The possibility of superfluidity in the systems with pairing of spatially separated carriers (SPSSC) in zero magnetic field was predicted by Shevchenko in 1976. Recent results obtained in this direction are as follows. It is shown that in SPSSC the quantum vortices can be induced by non-uniform magnetic and electric fields with nonzero two-dimensional divergence. The vortex patterns at certain field configurations are found. (Shevchenko, 1997, 2000). It is established that in strong magnetic fields the vortices have an electric charge of order of the electron charge (Shevchenko, 2003). States with interlayer phase coherence in multilayer quantum Hall systems are studied. It is shown the phase coherence emerges only in separate bilayer complexes, and there is no coherence between the layers belonging to different complexes. The conditions of stability of the phase coherent state relative to a transition to the charge ordered state are established. (Bezuglyj, Shevchenko, 2000; Shevchenko, Fil, Yakovleva, 2004). A new mechanism of binding of two equally charged carriers in double layer systems in a magnetic field of special form (magnetic fields in adjacent layer are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction) is proposed. (Shevchenko, Vol, 2003).

Interlayer tunnel conductivity of n-p bilayers with the electron-hole pairs in the Bose-Einstein condensed state was studied. A mechanism that explains a zero bias peak anomaly observed recently in bilayer quantum Hall systems is proposed. (Bezuglyj, Shevchenko, 2004).

Bose-Einstein Condensation

The Bogolyubov-de-Gennes equations for a two-dimensional Bose gas are derived. (Shevchenko, 1992). The exact solutions for the spectrum and eigenfunctions of elementary excitations in Bose gas in external potentials of special forms are found. (Fil, Shevchenko, 2001). The nondissipative drag in bilayer Bose systems is studied (Shevchenko, Terentjev, 1999).

Selected publications:

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