Manzhelii Elena Vadimovna,
Senior Researcher


Mailing address: B.I Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics & Engineering of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences,
 47, Nauky Avenue, 61103 Kharkov,

Graduated from Kharkov State University, in 1983

PhD Phys & Math, ILTPE, 1985.

Research area: Lattice Dynamics, phonons and other quasi-particle excitations in solids:

  • Propagation and localization of vibrations in heterogeneous structures and disordered systems, strongly anisotropic crystal structures, and quasi-low-dimensional lattices.
  • Vibrational characteristics of crystals with complex defects;
  • Quasi-particle spectra of nanosystems

Main achievements:

  • A quantum-interference effect is predicted in metal plates of thickness L l0 (l0 is the mean free path) upon multichannel specular reflection of electrons at the metal surface in a weak magnetic field H perpendicular to the plate boundary. The effect consists in an increase in the Hall coefficient R (for small values of H) as compared to its normal value by a factor of p/ ћ (pis the characteristic Fermi momentum). The expression obtained for R are found to be valid for an arbitrary number of multichannel specular reflection channels. (with A.A. Slutskin).
  • Basic vibrational characteristics of fcc solid inert gases (including the quantum Ne crystal) and some fcc metals (Ag, Cu, Pb, Pd) were described to a fairly high degree of accuracy in the framework of a model taking into account only the interaction of the nearest neighbors. In this case the force constants can be calculated unambiguously from the known components of the elastic constant tensor and lattice constant.
  • A number of microscopic calculations on the atomic dynamics of the definite crystal structures both perfect and defected were made.

Main pulications

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