Ilya Krive, Leading Researcher.


Graduated from Kharkov State University in 1972.
PhD Phys & Math, Kiev Institute for Theoretical Physics, 1977.
DSc Phys & Math, Kharkov State University, 1988.
Started work at ILTPE in 1992 . Total number of publications 149, including eight review papers. Participated in more than 40 domestic and international conferences.

Areas of specialization: cosmology and nuclear physics (theory); quantum field theory; condensed matter (theory).

The main results and the most significant papers.

It was shown (see Ref.(1)) that the charge-density-wave (CDW) in Peierls-Frohlich conductors is strongly connected to chiral anomaly phenomena.

In paper (2) the physical origin of threshold electric field in nonlinear CDW conductivity was explained by using the mechanism of electrostatic confinement of charged soliton antisoliton pairs.

A novel mechanism (instanton-assisted electron tunneling) of electron transition into CDW at the metal-CDW interface was suggested (3).

A theory of Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in a ring-shaped CDW conductor was developed (4). In particular for the first time the instanton and soliton mechanisms of topological oscillations were considered.

In paper (5) the macroscopic quantum tunneling of Neel magnetization in small antiferromagnetic particles was predicted.

A theory of persistent currents in a Wigner crystal ring was formulated and developed in Ref.(6).

In paper (7) a consistent theory of thermoelectric effects in a Luttinger liquid was suggested.

A novel phenomena, namely superconductivity induced force oscillations in nanowires was predicted in Ref. (8).

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