Sergey (Sergiy) Feodosyev, Leading Researcher


MAILING ADDRESS : B.I Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics &
Engineering of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, 47, Lenin Avenue, 61103 Kharkov

Graduated from Kharkov State University in 1975.

PhD Phys & Math, ILTPE, 1985.

DrS Phys & Math, ILTPE, 2009

Research area: Lattice Dynamics, phonons and other quasi-particle excitations in solids:

  • Propagation and localization of vibrations in ill-ordered crystals, heterogeneous structures and disordered systems
  • Vibrational characteristics of crystals with complex defects;
  • Dynamics of complex crystal lattices, strongly anisotropic crystal structures, and quasi-low-dimensional lattices.
  • Quasi-particle spectra of nanosystems.

Main achievements:

  • The main distinctive peculiarities of phonon spectra of strongly anisotropic layered and chain crystals were determined and systemized (with E.S. Syrkin); the effect of these peculiarities on the behaviour of oscillatory thermodynamics characteristics of this kind of compositions was studied, in particular, there was defined a microscopic theory of the so-called "membrane effect".
  • Propagation and localisation characteristics of oscillations in lattices of various dimensions were studied and a new method for the localized states description based on J-matrix was suggested.
  • A number of microscopic calculations on the atomic dynamics of the definite crystal structures both perfect and defected were made.
  • Phonon spectra behaviour of crystals with the weakened effect of crystal atoms ordering regularity (systems with complex defects, multi-layered structures of HTSC-type, nanoclusters, etc.) was investigated on microscopic level; it was found that the oscillatory characteristics of such compositions were definitely conditioned by its strong spatial nonhomogeneity as well as the local anisotropy of interatomic interaction. (with E.S. Syrkin and A.M. Kosevich)
  • Localization and propagation of vibrations in heterogeneous crystals and disordered solid solutions
  • Creation of calculation models for investigation of electron and phonon spectra of graphite and carbonic thin films.

Main Publications:

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