Irina Chupis, Leading Researcher.


Postgraduated from Kharkov State University in 1962.
PhD Phys & Math , ILTPE, 1964.
DSc Phys & Math, ILTPE, 1984.

Has been teaching at the state universities of Uzhgorod and Vladivostok. In 1969 - 1975 was a chief of the theoretical physics staff of the Far East University, Vladivostok (USSR). Is the author more than 90 articles and two inventions. Participated in Ukrainian and international conferences in Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, etc. Was an organizer of the V International Conference on Magneto-Electric Interaction in Crystals (MEIPIC -5) held in Sudak, Ukraine, in 2003. Became the Laureate of the Ukraine State prize in  science and technics in 2004.

Interests: poetry. Has ten books published with five plays and translation of the sonnets by Shakespeare among them. Is a member of  the Union of writers of  Russia.

Research area: Theoretical investigations of magneto-electric phenomena

Magneto-electric phenomena (the appearance of electric polarization in magnetic field and the induction of magnetic moment by electric field) have a large fundamental and practical scientific significance. These phenomena open the possibilities to change the magnetic (electric) properties by electric (magnetic) field and may be used for the creation of a multifunctional elements in a wide frequency region from SH frequency to optical one.

Different manifestations of magneto-electric (ME) interactions in thermodynamic and high frequency properties of the crystals with spontaneous magnetic and ferro (antiferro) electric ordering were investigated. Some ME experimental phenomena (the jump of electric polarization by spin-flop, temperature anomalies of ME susceptibility in the boracites, etc.) were explained and new possible ME effects were predicted. These results are the subjects of more than 80 manuscripts and of 6 monographs:

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The influence of dynamic ME interactions on phonon polariton spectrum of an insulator at the boundary with a metal in the presence of constant electric and magnetic fields of definite directions was investigated. It was shown that the field of electromagnetic wave is pushed out from the volume to the surface of an insulator by toroidal excitations. Strong nonreciprocity of phonon polaritons appears in the presence of a constant magnetic field: polariton of a given frequency of IR or optical regions propagates only in one direction (Chupis I.E. and Mamaluy D.A.).

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Last time thermodynamic and  high-frequency properties of the ferroelectromagnet TbMnO3 were investigated. The excitations of electromagnons by alternating electric field, polaritons in the TbMnO3 at the boundary with a metal in magnetic field, domain nonreciprocity of electromagnetic waves were analyzed. Magnetic phase diagrams and the reason of so called electric polarization flop were revealed.

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