State Prize of Ukraine in the field of Science and Technology (2010) À.I. Danilenko (jointly with S.I. Bezuglyi, I.D. Chueshov, V.V. Fedorenko, S.F. Kolyada, V.I. Korobov, Yu.L. Maystrenko, E.Yu. Romanenko, A.Í. Sharkovsky, A.Yu. Teplinsky) for the collection of research papers "Theory of dynamical systems: modern techniques and their applications"

State Prize of Ukraine (1992). B.Ya. Levin and I.V Ostrovskii (together with A.A. Goldberg) for the series of researches "Investigation of entire and meromorphic functions".

Ostrogradskii’s Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2015) L.B. Golinskii (together with Yu.B. Zrlinskii and I.A. Shevchuk) for the series of researches "Methods of complex analysis in operator theory and approximation theory".

Ostrogradskii’s Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2009) G.M. Feldman (together with L.A. Pastur and M.V. Shcherbina) for the series of researches "Probabilistic problems on groups and spectral theory."


Join Ukrainian-French Programme “PICS” (2009—2011) “Mathematical physics – methods and applications ”

Join Ukrainian-French Programme “DNIPRO” (2007—2008) “Multivariate probability problems on algebraic structures”

INTAS Research Network 03-51-6637 (2004—2006) “Research Network on Constructive Complex Approximation”

Grant CRDF UM1-2546-KH-03 (20032005 ) “Relationship between entropic and orbital properties of ergodic dynamical systems”

Grant COBASE INT-0002341 “Multiple and polynomial recurrence of infinite and
nonsingular actions”

INTAS Grant 2000-272 “Rational approximation of analytic functions and its applications to the spectral theory of difference operators, non-linear dynamical systems, special functions, and number theory.”

INTAS Grant 99-00089New trends in complex analysis and potential theory”

INTAS Grant 96-0858 “New methods of the theory of entire and subharmonic functions and their applications to probability theory”

INTAS Grant 94-1474 "Potential theory, complex analysis and their applications to ordinary and partial differential equations"

Long-term ISF Grant U9S000

Long-term ISF Grant U2Z000

Long-term ISF Grant U2X000