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Professor Dr. E.V. Savchenko

Department of Condensed System Spectroscopy


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Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics & Engineering

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Lenin Avenue 47, 61103 Kharkov


Phone: 38 (057) 341 0836

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The main topic of the research by Prof. Dr. E.V. Savchenko is elucidating of a role of excited states in formation and modification of physical and chemical properties of solids. Her studies are focused mainly on model solids cryomaterials and cryomatrices. E. Savchenko pioneered studies into the electronically induced lattice rearrangement resulting in discovery of new mechanisms of defect formation and a novel phenomenon anomalous low-temperature desorption of atoms from pre-irradiated solids. Crucially new aspects of cross-connection between nuclear and electronic relaxation processes resulting in a change of physical and chemical properties of solids have been revealed. An up-to-date method of stimulating the relaxation cascades by chemiluminescent reactions has been developed.

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