Scientific Awards and Discoveries



B .N. Esel ' sonV.N. Grigorev

V. A. Mikheev

Quantum diffusion phenomenon in crystals, 206, 15.01.1969; BI, 13, 3, 1979.

Lenin Award

1986 V. A. Mikheev for the series of works Tunnel transfer of the matter and quantum crystallization

State Award of Ukraine


V.N. Grigorev, N.Ye. Dyumin,
E.Ya. Rudavskii, V.K. Chagovets


for the series of works Kinetic processes in quantum liquids and crystals

The Award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists


. . Penzev, .V. Polev, and
 Ye. V.Syrnikov

for the series of works New effects in two-phase mixtures of quantum crystals of helium isotopes at ultralow temperatures

Annual award of B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering for best scietific work

2003 .. Penzev, .N. Ganshin, V.N. Grigorev, V.. idanov, E.Ya. Rudavskii. A.S. Rybalko. V.V. Slezov. and Ye.V. Syrnikov

 for the work Influence of supercooling level on kinetics of phase separation in solid mixtures of 4He in 3He. J. Low Temp. Phys. 126, 151 (2002).

2004 .. Zadorozhko, .V. lko, E.Ya. Rudavskii, V.. Chagovets, and G.. Sheshin  for the work Convective instability in superfluid solutions 3 4 under heating from below, Fiz. Nizk. Temp. 29, 729 (2003).
2005 . S. Rybalko  Observation of electric induction excited by second sound, Fiz. Nizk. Temp. 30, 1321 (2004).
2006  V. N. Grigor'ev, V. A. Maidanov, A. A. Penzev, A. V. Polev, S. P. Rubets, E. Ya. Rudavskii, A. S. Rybalko, and Ye. V. Syrnikov Giant asymmetry of the processes of separation and homogenization of 3He4He solid mixtures, LTP, 31, N 1, 32-36, 2005
2007 A. P. Birchenko, Ye. O. Vekhov, N. P. Mikhin, A. V. Polev, and E. Ya. Rudavskii Kinetics of the bcchcp transition in 4He off the melting curve LTP, 32, N 12, 1118-1122, 2006.
2008 . S. Rybalko, S. Rubets, E.Ya. Rudavskii, V. Tikhii., S. Tarapov, R. Golovachshenko, V.Derkach  for the work Resonance absorption of microwaves in He II: Evidence for roton emission, Phys. Rev. B 76 , 140503(R) (2007)


 V. N. Grigor'ev, V. A. Maidanov, V.Yu. Rubanskii, S. Rubets, E.Ya. Rudavskii, . S. Rybalko, Ye. V. Syrnikov , V. Tikhii  for the work Observation of a glassy phase of 4 He in the region of supesolid effects, Phys. Rev. B 76 , 224524 (2007)
2010 .. , .. , .. for the work 2 D , 91 , 652 (2010)
2011 .., .., .., for the work , , 37, N 2, 119-126, 2011.


I. A. Gritsenko, A. A. Zadorozhko, A. S. Neoneta, V. K. Chagovets, and G. A. Sheshin for the work , , 37, N 7, 695-702, 2011.
in english  "Quartz tuning-fork oscillations in He II and drag coefficient", FNT, 37, N 7, 695-702, 2011.


T.N. Antsygina, A.A. Lisunov, V.A. Maidanov, V.Y. Rubanskyi, S.P. Rubets, E.Ya. Rudavskii, K.A. Chishko for the work Homogeneous 3He-4He solid solutions in the pre-separation region, Physica B 406, issue 20, 3870-3876, 2011.


A. P. Birchenko, Ye. O. Vekhov, N. P. Mikhin, and E. Ya. Rudavskii for the work - , , 39, 1031-1040, 2013.
in english  "The spin-lattice relaxation in superfluid inclusions formed in the solid helium matrix", FNT, 39, 9, 1031-1040, 2013.


Sheshin G., Gritsenko I., Schmoranzer D.,Skrbek L. for the work Mutual interactions of oscillating quartz tuning forks in superfluid 4He, , 39, 10, 1062-1067, 2013.


Lisunov A., Maidanov V., Rubanskyi V., Rubets S., Rudavskii E., Smirnov S., Zhuchkov V. for the work Thermally activated and quantum plasticity of solid 3He at temperatures below 0,5 K, Physical Review B 92, 140505:1-5, 2015.


V. E. Syvokon, and S. S. Sokolov for the work " , , 41, 11, 1097-1108, 2015."
in english " Collective oscillations of a two-chain electron system in a conducting channel over liquid helium", FNT, 41, 11, 1097-1108, 2015."