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Constructive contacts are established with researches of the following foreign scientific centers:

  • IEP SAS, Kosice (Slovakia)
  • The group collaborates with Department of Experimental Physics of P.J. Safarik University, Kosice (Slovakia)
  • IP CAS, Prague (Czech Republic)
  • IP AMU, Poznan (Poland)
  • PSI, Villigen (Switzerland)
  • IPSS BAS, Minsk (Belarus)
  • IMP UD RAS, Ekaterinburg (Russia)
  • Iowa State University, International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics (USA)
  • Institute Physics PAS, Warsaw (Poland)
  • Branch of the Institute Physics of the Warsaw University, Bialystok(Poland)
  • Institute Physics of the Waroclaw University, (Poland)
  • Helsinki University, Observatory, Helsinki (Finland)