Head of the Department 4
Professor, Doctor of Sciences, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Mykola Fedorovych KHARCHENKO

The department was developed in 1963 due to efforts of professor V.V. Eremenko.
In 1986 the department was headed by professor M.F. Kharchenko

Main subject of research:

  • Magnetooptical properties of magnetoelastics, antiferromagnetic magnetoelectrics and piezomagnetics.
  • Magnetooptical visualization of the 180-degree antiferromagnetic domains and controlling their structure.
  • The magnetic spin-orientation phase transitions and magnetic phase separation in antiferromagnets.
  • Magnetic field-induced structural phase transitions.
  • Magneto-resonance properties of low-dimensional magnetics and organometallic compounds.
  • Magnetic, magneto-resonance and magnetooptical properties of multilayer systems of magnetic/non-magnetic metal type.
  • Static and dynamic magnetic properties of narrow-band compounds based on d- and f- elements.
  • Dynamic properties of layered dielectrics.
  • Spontaneous and induced phase transitions in layered compounds with rare earth Jahn-Teller ions.
  • Hyperfine interactions in magneto-ordered crystals.

Research Groups:

Update: December 25, 2008 Department 4
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