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Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Department of Magnetic and Elastic Properties of Solids

Head of Department: Doctor of Sciences
Gennadiy E. Grechnev
tel: +(380)-57-3405011, fax: +(380)-57-3403370, e-mail: grechnev@ilt.kharkov.ua

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Methods and experimental technics

Studies of pressure effects on magnetic properties
Elastic properties of solids
Low Temperature magnetic studies
Theoretical studies of electronic structure 
and magnetic properties 

The study group structure and magnetoelastic properties of low-dimensional systems in the region of low temperature phase transitions;

Group of studies of pressure effects on magnetic properties

    Head of group  Panfilov A.S.
    Senior Research Scientist,

    Experimental equipment allows to study:

    • The temperature dependence of the magnetic susceptibility in the range 4.2 - 350 K in magnetic field up to 1 T by a Faraday method with a sensitivity of about 10-9 emu

    • A range of the measured values of susceptibility is about (1-1000)10-7 emu and the accuracy is not worse then 0.5 %.
    • The effect of helium gas pressure up to 2 kbar on the magnetic susceptibility in the temperature range 20.3 - 300 K by a levitation method based on the principle of a free suspension of the sample in strong and non-uniform magnetic field. The relative errors are about 0.03 %. 
    • Another device for the pressure effect study is a pendulum type magnetometer placed directly into the pressure cell, which has the similar technical characteristics. 

Group of Low Temperature magnetic studies

Head of group Desnenko V. A.
Senior Research Scientist,
SQUID magnetometer  for magnetization and magnetic susceptibility measurements that operates at temperatures 4.2 - 300 K, fields 0 - 5 T.

Research Group of the elastic properties of solids

Head of group Fil V.D.
Principal Research Scientist 
Doctor of Sciences


    One of the major achievements of the department is the development of experimental equipment which permits to carry out high-accuracy measurements of sound velocity and attenuation in strongly absorbing medium. Temperature range is 0,4-350 K, the magnetic field is up to 5.5 T. In particular, the "nonius" method, suitable for measuring the sound velocity in samples of sub-millimeter size, was created.


    Group of theoretical studies of electronic structure and magnetic properties

    Head of group Grechnev G.E.
    e-mail: grechnev@ilt.kharkov.ua
    Senior Research Scientist, 
    Doctor of Sciences

    Theoretical methods:

    • We use modern methods of computational and theoretical solid state physics for ab initio calculations of band structures within Density Functional Theory, including linearized muffin-tin method in atomic sphere approximation LMTO-ASA, and a full potential FP-LMTO method.
    • Also the augmented spherical wave method (ASW) and ab initio pseudopotentials were employed.
        • LMTO-ASA and FP-LMTO are modified to take into account the effect of external magnetic fields in the framework of ab initio DFT calculations.

    Group of studies of structures and magnetoelastic properties of low-dimensional systems in the region of low temperature phase transitions

    Head of group Sirenko V.A.
    Leading Research Scientist, 
    Doctor of Sciences

    X-rays diffractometer equipped with a low temperature chamber compatible with originally designed cryostat intended for measurements in stationary magnetic fields up to 5 T at 10 - 300 K and helium combi cryostat (bath + continuous flow) for all kinds of X-ray measurements in temperature region 10 - 300 K (sample in vacuum). 

    URS-55 X-ray apparatus.