Head of Department: Doctor of Physics & Mathematics

Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Konstantinov

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, leading researcher 
at Department for thermal properties of molecular crystals 
at ILTPE NAS Ukraine

61103, Kharkov-103, Prospect Lenina, 47
e-mail: konstantinov@ilt.kharkov.ua
Tel.: +38-(057)-340-10-27
Fax :+38-(057)-340-33-70

Was born on October 28, 1948. He graduated from Kharkov State University (Department of Physics of Crystals) in 1971. In ILTPE he works since 1973; since 1979 he has been working in department of thermal properties of molecular crystals. He defended his PhD thesis entitled "The isochoric thermal conductivity of solidified gases" in 1998, and a doctorate thesis, "Heat transfer in simple molecular crystals and their solutions at temperatures of the order and above the Debye temperature" in 2003.

The main direction of scientific activity is the study of heat transfer processes in simple molecular crystals and their solutions.

Main results:

A gradual transition was investigated in molecular crystals and their solutions from the pure phonon mechanism of heat transfer to the heat transfer by "diffusive" modes with increasing temperature and concentration of impurities. It was shown that the Bridgeman coefficient, which characterizes the dependence of the thermal conductivity from the molar volume, is determined by the competition of heat transfer by phonons and "diffusive" modes.

The correlation between the character of molecular rotation and thermal conductivity behavior has been studied. It is found that with the increase in the molecular reorientation frequency at growing temperature the isochoric thermal conductivity becomes higher too. It is shown that this effect occurs because the phonon scattering at collective rotational excitations decreases sharply as the rotational correlations of the neighboring molecules grow weak.

V.A. Konstantinov is the author of about 70 articles in scientific journals and two reviews:

  1. Konstantinov V.A., Manzhelii V.G., Phonon scattering and heat transfer in simple molecular crystals, Lectures from the Winter School of Theor. Phys., 1993 Wroclaw, Poland, Plenum Press New York and London, 1994

  2. Konstantinov V.A., Heat Transfer in Molecular Crystals, In Book: Heat Transfer - Theoretical Analysis, Experimental Investigations and Industrial Systems, Aziz Belmiloudi (Ed.), InTech" Open Access Publisher, p.157-188 (2011)

Selected publications:

  1. Konstantinov V.A. Heat transfer by low-frequency phonons and "diffusive" modes in molecular crystals // Low temperature physics. - 2003. - Vol. 29. - P. 422 - 428.

  2. Konstantinov V.A., Manzhelii V.G., Pohl R.O.,Revyakin V.P. Search for the minimum thermal conductivity in mixed cryocrystals (CH)1-xKrx // Low temperature physics. - 2001. - Vol. 27.- 9 - P. 858 - 865.

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