Lev Vasilievich Shubnikov


- studies at M.A. Lentovskaya Gymnasium


- entered Physics and Mathematics Department of University (St. Petersburg)


- started work at State Optics Institute (initiated by D.S. Rozhdestvensky ) workshops


- continues studies at Physics and Mechanics Department of Polytechnical Institutešš and works in I.V. Obreimov’s Laboratory of Physico-Technical Institutešestablished by A.F. Ioffe


- first scientific publication jointly with I.V. Obreimov in Zeitschrift fur Physik (a simple and reliable technique of growing large perfect single crystals of some  metals was propoused)


- married to Olga Nikolaevna Trapeznikova, who became his friend and comradeš for life

1926 June 7

- defended his diploma “Optical method of studying elastic and residualš deformations in crystals”, completed his education

1926 Autumn

- business trip to TheNetherlands: to Kamerling-Onnes Laboratory in Leiden whose chief was V.I. de Haas


- worked in Leiden, discovered a new phenomenon now known as the Shubnikov-de Haas effect ( oscillations of magnetic resistance of bismuth at low temperatures), which stimulated a search and discovery of magnetic susceptibilityš oscillations (de Haas-van Alphen effect)

1930, August.15

- taken on as a senior physicist at Ukrainian Physico-Technical Institute (UphTI, Kharkov)


- promoted to the position of the head of Cryogenic Laboratory at UPhTI

1931 Autumn

- Hock hydrogen liquefier started


- L.D. Landau moves to Kharkov; the beginning of friendship and cooperation of “Lev slim” and “Lev shout”


- N 1 of the All-Union Physical Journal “Physikalische Zeitschrift der Sowjetunion” was issued in English and German


- liquid helium was obtained by the Simon technique


- Meissner helium liquefier was started


- held additional appointment of head of the Chair for physics of solids at the Kharkov State University, organized the first in the country cryogenic practicum for students


- performed a number of bright studies each of them was actually a discovery

1937, August 6

-šgroundless arrest

1937, November

- executed by shooting

1957, June 11

- rehabilitated posthumously