National Academy of Science of Ukraine
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics & Engineering
“Kharkov Physico-Technical Institute” National Scientific Center
N.V.Karasin National University (Kharkov)
Ukrainian Physical Society

Memorial International Conference

on Low Temperature Physics

(Kharkov, Ukraine, 16-19 October, 2001)

Supported by:




INTAS (International Association for the
Promotion of Co-operation with Scientists from the
New Independent States of the Former soviet
National Academy of Science of Ukraine,
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The 29th of September, 2001 is the centenary of Lev Shubnikov, an outstanding physicist-experimentalist of the XX century, one of the initiators of Low Temperature Physics.

On the occasion of the anniversary we invite you to participate in the Shubnikov Memorial International Conference on Low Temperature Physics

The problems to be discussed have been dictated by Lev Shubnikov’s wide-range scientific interests as well as by the present-day world-wide progress of the experimental physics trends pioneered by Lev Shubnikov.

It is planned to discuss on the conference the following problems:

- Electronic properties of metals and alloys,
- Superconductivity,
- Low temperature magnetism,
- Quantum liquids and quantum crystals,
- Physical properties of cryocrystals,
- New experimental methods of low temperature physics.

The Conference Program is supposed to include invited talks by leading specialists in the specified fields. It is expected up to 100 physicists-participants from Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

Official languages – Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Conference fee:

The participation fee will be 30 USD (in equiv.). It includes costs of the Conference and Presentation materials, memorial issue of Low Temperature Physics Journal, transport service, coffee and welcome

The conference has been supported through the INTAS (Monitoring Conference Grant (No 01-MO 192), Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics & Engineering of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

Address for communication:

Shubnikov Memorial International Conference
Organizing Committee,
B.Verkin Inst.Low Temp.Phys.Enginneering,
47, Lenin Ave.,
Kharkov 61103
UkraineE-mail :  
FAX: +38 – (0572)- 322-370

Organizing Committee

V.V.Eremenko     ( Kharkov) - Conference Chairman
S.L.Gnatchenko    ( Kharkov) - Vice-chairman
V.S.Borovikov      ( Kharkov)- Conference Secretary
V.G.Baryakhtar     ( Kiev)
N.I.Glushchuk       ( Kharkov)
V.M.Dmitriev        ( Kharkov)
V.I.Lapshin           ( Kharkov)
V.M.Loktev          ( Kiev)
V.G.Manzhelii        ( Kharkov)
A.G.Naumovets     ( Kiev)
M.A.Obolenskii      ( Kharkov)
V.M.Pan                ( Kiev)
S.M.Ryabchenko    ( Kiev)


Program Committee

V.V.Eremenko        ( Kharkov) – Chairman
V.G.Manzhelii         ( Kharkov) – Vice-chairman
A.N.Kalinenko        ( Kharkov) – Conference Secretary
S.A.Gredeskul         ( Beer Sheva)
I.M.Dmitrenko         ( Kharkov)
L.A.Pastur               ( Kharkov)
E.A.Pashitskii           ( Kiev )
E.A.Rudavskii          ( Kharkov)
Yu.A.Freiman          ( Kharkov)
L.T.Tsimbal             ( Donetck)
V.B.Yuferov            ( Kharkov)
I.K.Yanson              ( Kharkov)