International Akhiezer Centenary Conference

"Function Theory and Mathematical Physics"

Kharkov, August 13-17, 2001

An International Conference "Theory of Functions and Mathematical Physics" on the occasion of Prof. N.I.Akhiezer 100th Anniversary is organized by the Kharkov National University and the Institute for Low Temperature Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
 The meeting will take place at the Kharkov National University, Ukraine, on August 13-17, 2001, and will be centered around three broad fields:

 - function theory and functional analysis;
- approximation theory;
- mathematical physics,

in which N.I.Akhiezer has made important contributions. The conference will provide an opportunity for researchers in these areas to exchange ideas.




Berezanskii Yu.M. (IM Kiev, Ukraine)
Korneichuk N.P. (IM Kiev, Ukraine)
Marchenko V.A. (ILTP&E, Kharkov, Ukraine)
Mitropolskii Yu.A. (IMC, Kiev, Ukraine)
Ostrovskii I.V. (ILTP&E, Kharkov, Ukraine and Bilkent University, Turkey)
Pastur L.A. (ILTP&E, Kharkov, Ukraine and University Paris 7, France)
Pogorelov A.V. (ILTP&E, Kharkov, Ukraine and V.Steklov Institute, Moscow, Russia)
Skrypnik I.V. (IPMM, Donetsk, Ukraine)
Sodin M.L. (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)
Tarapov I.E. (KNU, Kharkov, Ukraine)

Marchenko V.A. (chairman)
Feldman G.M.

Gandel Yu.V. 
Khruslov E.Ya.
Kotlyarov V.P.
Shepelsky D.G. (secretary)
Tarapov I.E.

Zolotarev V.A.

Institute for Low Temperature Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
47, Lenin Avenue, 61164 Kharkiv UKRAINE

Phone: 38 0572 30 85 86
FAX: 38 0572 33 55 93

The Conference is supported by INTAS (EC) and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

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