Some cryogenic companies in the USA

Ability Engineering Technology is a design and manufacturing firm catering to the needs of the cryogenic, scientific and research community. Ability has developed innovative and economical engineering and design practices based on its extensive practical experiences in the manufacture and design of cryogenic equipment, vacuum chambers and code pressure vessels. The engineering personnel rely on 30 years experience dealing and working with scientific professionals developing scientific equipment, from simple vacuum systems to complex and innovative particle detectors. Contact Mike Morgan or Joseph Zawistowski, Ability Engineering Technology, Inc., 16140 S. Vincennes Ave., South Holland IL 60473, phone: 708/331-0025, fax: 708/331-5090, email:

The activities of Air Products include the manufacture and sale of industrial gases, cryogenic and non-cryogenic process plants and chemicals. The company operates in 30 countries world-wide-13 of which are in Europe-and in 1996 recorded revenues of $4 billion. Air Products differentiates itself by developing new gas applications that lower our customers' costs and/or provide unique enabling technology. The sponsoring group, "Cryogenic Applications Centre of Excellence" is a pan-global team that develops leading edge technologies that utilize the refrigeration properties of industrial gases. Industries served are the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Metals, Electronics, Rubber, Plastics, and Entertainment. Laboratories and offices are based in Europe at Basingstoke in the UK and in Allentown PA USA. Contact Jeremy P. Miller, Global Cryogenic Applications Manager, European Technology Group, Crockford Lane, Chineham, Hampshire, UK, RG24 8FE, phone: (44) 1256-706116, fax: (44) 1256-706133, email:, web:

Air Safety Engineering is a service and sales company utilizing, by exclusive agreement, the equipment of Cold Jet, Inc., of Loveland OH. The Cold Jet process utilizes pellets of solid carbon dioxide as a blast media to perform various cleaning and removal operations for commercial and industrial customers. The thermal properties of the solid carbon dioxide pellets, along with their kinetic energy when propelled by a large volume high pressure stream of compressed air, provides the force to dislodge and remove contamination, residue, debris, product build up and even paint from plant areas and equipment. The process is non-abrasive and leaves only the removed materials to be disposed of. Air Safety Engineering provides a contract cleaning service, equipment sales for those who have enough use to warrant owning of the equipment and the sale of solid carbon dioxide pellets to those who purchase or lease the equipment. Contact David L. Thomas, Sr., President, Air Safety Engineering, 715 Rogers Street, Downers Grove IL 60515, phone: 630/960-0107, fax: 630/960-9742.

American Cryogenics Inc. (ACI) established since 1987 and based in Waukesha, Wisconsin is a leading exponent of Cryoprocessing as it applies to ferrous and non-ferrous metals; surface coatings and certain non-metal materials. ACI also designs and builds microprocessor controlled Cryoprocessor units both top and front loading, based upon the use of novel construction materials and liquid nitrogen coolant. These cryo-units come in standard sizes (5, 30, 80 cubic feet) and ACI will also tailor units to a customer's specific needs. ACI is an active researcher in cryogenic processing and its benefits, collaborating with several universities as well as its existing customers with whom it has formed a network of "technical partnerships" involving data sharing and help line services. Contact Dr. JMC (Mike) Roberts, American Cryogenics Inc., 305 Travis Lane, Waukesha WI 53186, phone: 414/513-0486, fax: 414/513-0485, email:

American Magnetics, Inc. (AMI) was founded in 1968 and is the leading supplier of Superconducting Magnet Systems and Cryogenic Liquid Level Instrumentation. AMI's capabilities include complete design, fabrication, testing and software development. Our worldwide network of sales engineers provides local service and innovative solutions to your specific requirements. AMI's superconducting magnets are used in hundreds of applications by universities, government and industrial laboratories throughout the world. Our patented vapor-cooled current leads are the industry standard. AMI is the world's largest manufacturer of level sensors and instrumentation for liquid helium. Our patented sample and hold circuitry minimizes heat input and boil off during helium level measurement. AMI's capacitance-based level sensors and instruments are used for all cryogenic gases other than helium. Applications include industry, aerospace and laboratory environments. OEM relationships are always welcome. Contact Ken Brown, P.O. Box 2509, 112 Flint Road, Oak Ridge TN 37831-2509, phone: 423/482-1056, fax: 423/482-5472, email:, web:

Dedicated to the advancement of cryogenic technologies, APD has set the pace worldwide in standard and customized cryogenic laboratory research systems, vacuum pumps, and cryogen conservation systems. APD offers a complete line of open and closed cycle laboratory research systems for cooling between 1.8 and 800 Kelvin. Our Displex, Heli-Tran, and Heliplex product families provide laboratory research with unsurpassed reliability, versatility, and quality for applications such as spectroscopy, material characterizations, and matrix isolation. CRYOTIGER offers the user an efficient and economical closed cycle system for use instead of LN2. Our cryogenic vacuum pumps come in several configurations such as low vibration, straight, and low profile and we also offer a high speed pump, MARATHON. MARATHONs are designed to help provide faster recoveries and increased throughput in applications such as ion implantation, sputtering and UHV/MBE. Our newest product line is Aquatap which is a uniquely designed water pump. APD's cryogen conservation systems lower, or eliminate, cryogen consumption on superconductive MRI magnets. Contact APD Cryogenics, Inc., 1833 Vultee Street, Allentown PA 18103, phone: 610/791-6700, U.S. toll-free: 800/525-3072, fax: 610/791-0561, email:, web:

Applied Cryogenics Technology has served the DOE, NASA, a major university, four National Laboratories, commercial interests and a new international scientific collaboration in its first year. Broadly experienced ACT personnel have developed, installed and operated custom cryogenics research system applications and contributed to the nation's and the world's leading scientific projects of their kind. Along the way we have worked closely with the leaders from a large segment of the industry in equipment specification, design and production, and the systems development necessary to attain these goals. ACT can help with your system approach, design and application. We promise: a person or team appropriate to your task, or we'll help you find one. ACT world headquarters is located in Ovilla TX, down the road from Dallas and a quick flight from DFW to any major US city. Call us about your task; we'd appreciate a chance to help. Contact Applied Cryogenics Technology, P.O. Box 5183, Ovilla TX 75154, phone: 972/617-3283, fax: 972/515-3005, email:

Barber-Nichols is a 31 year old company specializing in custom high speed turbomachinery. Since 1974, Barber-Nichols has provided high quality cryogenic blowers, circulators, pumps and compressors for the commercial industry and many government agencies. Our reputation is international for innovative design and high quality manufacturing of cryogenic equipment. Our engineering and manufacturing teams can move your project from concept to production. Our products can process any cryogen over a wide range of temperatures. Barber-Nichols' cryogenic products have demonstrated reliable, low maintenance operation in a variety of applications including aerospace, marine, superconductivity, refrigeration system and environmental chambers. The units are manufactured to meet or exceed MIL-Q-9858A, MIL-I-45208A, MIL-STD-45662A and ISO 9001 requirements. Contact Sharon Pavlicek or Jim Dillard, Barber-Nichols Inc., 6325 W. 55th Ave., Arvada CO 80002, phone: 303/421-8111, fax: 303/420-4679.

A Chart Industries Company. The BI-BRAZEr Process metallurgically bonds stainless steel and other ferrous metals to the brazeable alloys of aluminum. The bond has the shear strength in excess of 4,500 PSI. It will not separate under a wide range of thermal, tensile, and torsional cycling under shear loading up to 4,500 PSI. The strength of the bond ensures vacuum tightness under severe thermal cycling and mechanical loading in industrial, aerospace and scientific apparatus. All BI-BRAZE transitions are Helium leak tested to have leak rates of less than 1x10-9 std. cc He/sec. Established in 1959 and then purchased by ALTEC International in 1988, BI-BRAZE's initial products were transition couplings for vacuum processing systems. All flights to the moon and return were equipped with BI-BRAZE transition joints. BI-BRAZE has estimated that there are over 50,000 transitions giving reliable service to numerous cryogenic, vacuum, aerospace and scientific applications. Contact Tom Goltz, Assistant Manager, Bi-Braze Division, 2191 Ward Avenue, La Crosse WI 54601, phone: 608/787-6700, fax: 608/787-2226, e-mail:, web:

Boreas, Inc., of Billerica MA is focused exclusively on technology leadership in cryocoolers to replace liquid helium. It manufactures the world's most efficient 4.2k cryocooler, the B100. The B100 produces 1W of cooling power at 4.2K with 2.9 kW input power. Cryocoolers based on the Boreas cycle represent the enabling technology that can make low temperature superconductors cost effective for use in many applications. There are two versions of the B100 cryocooler, the B100 Standard and B100-R, a helium recondenser. Both have air cooled compressors, ultra low magnetic and electromagnetic interference, low vibration, and the ability to operate in any orientation. Contact Bruce Bent, 35 Dunham Rd., Billerica MA 01821, phone: 508/670-7200, fax: 508/670-7300, e-mail: boreas@boreas., web: www.ultranet. com/biz/boreas.

Byelocorp Scientific, Inc. (BSI), through its Italian affiliate, SUPCO S.r.l., manufactures cryogenic vessels (1,500 litre to 50,000 litre capacity), bulk road trailers for the transportation of cryogenic liquids, cryogenic valves and fittings, pressure vessels, columns, heat exchangers and various equipment for the oil and petrochemical industry. The three main workshops in Italy, Belarus and Kazakhstan employ approximately 800 people and uses its many years of experience in the cryogenic field to offer excellence in manufacturing and mechanical erection with world-competitive pricing. All workshops are ASME, ISPESL, GOST and TUV certified. Transportation from the FSU to Western Europe is provided by wholly owned trucking company, Transeurop Ltd. Transportation can also be arranged by land and sea to any location. Contact Kathleen Kent, Vice President, BSI, 333 Metro Park, Suite N211, Rochester NY 14623, phone: 212/785-2580, fax: 212/785-2724, email:

Coating & Crystal Technology was established in 1989, producing crystal growth and fabrication of exotic crystals. Main products are oriented, single crystal substrates for HTS electronic devices LaAlO3, MgO, SrTi03, YSZ, Sapphire, LSAT, ZnO and many other crystals. Throughout their eight years as a leader in this area, they have developed proprietary techniques which allow them to surpass all critical quality specifications and tolerances. They can supply any custom size, orientation, thickness and polish, as well as standard dimensions. They can supply quickly and at competitive prices. The company sells worldwide to device manufacturers, universities, research companies, government and marketing agencies. Qualification samples are available to quantity buyers. Contact Ms. Chris Gacci, Coating and Crystal Technology, Inc., R.D. 4, Box 113B, Cadogan Road, Kittanning PA 16201, phone: 412/763-7783, fax: 412/763-9322, email:

Controlled Thermal Processing is a pioneer in cryogenic processing of metals, electronics, and plastics. Our processing units offer state of the art microprocessor temperature control to assure repeatability. The company also offers other metallurgical processes to reduce wear on automotive components, aeronautical components, and production tooling. Our staff will be happy to analyze and develop the means to solve your wear or component failure problem. They have real world experience in metallurgy, production, racing, and aeronautical fields. They offer a good mix of scientific analysis and practical common sense engineering. Contact Frederick Diekman, 703 Rogers Street, Downers Grove IL 60515, phone: 630/852-6548, fax: 630/968-5068, email: , web:

Cool Pair Plus Corporation was founded on the premise that specialized technology services CAN BE COST EFFECTIVE. Serving the semiconductor, medical laboratory/device industries and all other users of cryogenic vacuum technology, Cool Pair Plus provides state-of-the-art service, scheduled maintenance and remanufacturing for most cryogenic vacuum pumps, cold heads, charcoal arrays, flex lines, as well as compressors. We can provide customization and modification of complete systems and helium leak detection. Contact Joseph E. Langer, Cool Pair Plus Corporation, 8 Sunshine Road, Herminie PA 15637, phone: 412/446-1181, fax: 412/446-1182, email:, web:

CRYOCO Inc. offers a full range of consulting services: in-house training in cryogenic engineering and cryogenic safety, providing fluid properties data, materials selection, cryogenic refrigeration and cryo-cooler analysis, cryogenic equipment selection and analysis, mixtures and gas separation/purification; cryogenic instrumentation, and cryogenic systems analysis. The principal engineer and owner is Dr. Thomas M. Flynn, who has worked in cryogenics for over 40 years. Dr. Flynn has published more than 50 articles on cryogenic engineering in the reviewed literature. He is coauthor of the textbook Cryogenic Process Engineering (Plenum) and sole author of the deskbook Cryogenic Engineering, Principles and Practice (Marcel Dekker). Dr. Flynn's experience includes 28 years at the National Bureau of Standards Cryogenic Engineering Laboratory in Boulder CO. Clients include the NASA Stennis, Johnson, Ames, Dryden, and Lewis Centers; the USAF at Edwards AFB, McClellan AFB, and the AEDC at Tullahoma TN; the US Navy, and the NSF. Industrial clients include General Dynamics, Rockwell, Boeing, General Electric, LakeShore Cryotronics, The Bendix Corp., Superconducting Core Technologies, Air Products, Linde, Praxair, and Daimler-Benz. Contact Cryoco Inc., 511 N. Adams Ave. Louisville CO 80027-2241, phone: 303/665-8302, fax: 303/665-0222, e-mail:, web:

Cryodata develops, sells and supports thermophysical-properties prediction software based on the highest quality data and correlating equations avaliable in the open literature. The company's offerings include programs for pure fluids (GASPAK and HEPAK), fluid mixtures (PROMIX), solid materials (CRYOCOMP and METALPAK), and superconducting magnet design (SUPERMAGNET). Incorporated in 1990 by Bob McCarty and Vincent Arp, who had recently retired from employment with NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology, formerly the National Bureau of Standards), the company welcomed Jeffery Fox, another former NIST employee, in 1992. Royalty authors and/or part time consultants associated with the company are B.A. Hands, J.F. Ely, P.W. Eckels, J.G. Hust, J.A. Brennan and L. Bottura. Contact James Brennan, Cryodata, P.O. Box 173, Louisville CO 80027-0173, phone/fax: 303/664-1354,, web:

Cryogenics for industry, research, laboratory medicine and homecare. Cryofab, Inc. is a manufacturer and servicer of cryogenic equipment and accessories. Custom as well as standard fabrications depict the product mix. Customizing ability allows Cryofab to offer ASME, DOT, ANSI, IATA, and ADR products. Our in house engineering can assist in product development for OEM or private label fabrication, whether it be prototype or production runs. Manufacturing capabilities include, but are not limited to, double wall vacuum vessels, tanks and containers, chambers, pressure vessels, cold gas generators, cold traps, purifiers, transfer lines and V.J. piping. Sizes range from 1 liter to 7500 liters. Founded in 1971, Cryofab has grown to a medium sized, small business solely on the merits of its innovative products and superior service. The world is our marketplace and Cryofab products have found their way to the farthest ends of the earth. Contact Vincent Grillo, Sales Manager, Cryofab, Inc., 540 Michigan Ave., P.O. Box 485, Kenilworth NJ 07033, phone: 908/686-3636, fax: 908/686-9538, email:, web:

CryoGen is an early stage, venture capital backed, research and development company, incorporated in March of 1994. The Company is developing a cryosurgical system based on a unique cooling system that dramatically improves the power, safety, and convenience of cryosurgical systems. The system will be used in the treatment of abnormal heart rates and gynecological procedures. The Company anticipates beginning animal and clinical trials in late 1997. Contact CryoGen, 6199 Cornerstone Court East, Suite 106, San Diego CA 92121, phone: 619/450-6868, fax: 619/450-3187.

Cryogenic Craftsmen is a division of WSE, Inc. WSE, Inc. was formed and incorporated in 1975 in Illinois for the purpose of designing, fabricating, installing and maintaining equipment and facilities utilized in the storage, vaporization, pumping, distribution, and application of industrial gases with emphasis on liquid and gaseous oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. Jim Love, the founder, is an engineering graduate of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore MD (1955) and has accumulated many years of post graduate studies in the intervening years. Jim has gained much experience in the industry, having held positions in engineering, sales, marketing, and production with a major gas producer, and holds several patents on related equipment. With such a wide background, derived from education and experience, WSE is uniquely qualified to provide consulting services and engineered solutions applicable to an extensive area of operations in the industrial gas industry. Contact Cryogenic Craftsmen, 8800 W. 47th St., Brookfield IL 60513, phone: 708/485-2060, fax: 708/485-2070.

Cryogenic Industries is the international sales and marketing division of a group of cryogenic equipment manufacturers who have been leading the industry for nearly 40 years. The group's product line includes cryogenic reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, samplers, cylinder filling equipment, turboexpanders, food freezing equipment, air separation plants, vaporizers and custom engineered systems. Represented are these major manufacturers: ACD, Cryoquip, Cosmodyne, Cryopump and Mafi-Trench. Contact Cryogenic Industries at 25720 Jefferson Ave., Murrieta CA 92562, phone: 909/696-7840, fax: 909/698-7484, email:, web:

Cryogenic Repair Services, Inc. was established in October 1991. At the present time we have 8 employees and 10,000 sq. feet of factory space. Cryogenic Repair Services is the only company totally dedicated to the repair, installation and service of cryogenic systems in Canada. We do complete refurbishing and recertification of cryogenic tanks (2 gallons to 26,000 gallons), trailers, railcars, and CO2 trailers. We manufacture tanks, transfill cylinder systems, and cryo liquid fill systems. Cryogenic Repair Services also does site inspections, repairs and maintenance, piping installations (high pressure and low pressure) and vacuum and helium leak detection. Contact Cliff Fielding, Vice President of Operations, Cryogenic Repair Services, Inc., P.O. Box C2, RR#1, 13908 Hwy#10 @ King Street, Inglewood, Ontario, Canada, L0N 1K0, phone: 905/838-0328, fax: 905/838-0301, email:

Cryogenic Solutions offers Deep Cryogenic Treatment to a wide range of industries, individuals and teams alike in order to provide solutions for wear problems. The company works with each material and application individually to determine the best way to provide an increase in wear and durability along with a decrease in part or tool failure. Cryogenic Solutions provides dependable service and strives to fulfill the needs of the customer. Contact Todd M. Leleux , President, 20 Green Iris Court, Savannah GA 31419, phone: 800/650-6560, fax: 912/920-9007,email:, web:

Engineers at Cryogenic Technical Services, Inc. (CTS) have been at the forefront of cryogenic technology for more than 40 years. We design transport and storage dewars for helium, hydrogen and industrial gases. Our work also includes design of special purpose cryogenic equipment and providing consulting services related to thermal design, MLI applications, and applied vacuum technology. In-house fabrication facilities are utilized to produce low heat leak vacuum jacketed valves, heat exchanger systems, and other specialty cryogenic hardware. Contact Glen McIntosh, CTS, 164 Primrose Court, Longmont CO 80501-6036, phone: 303/702-0220, fax: 303/702-0990, email:

Cryomagnetics, Inc. was founded in 1983 and quickly became a world-leading manufacturer of superconducting magnets and systems. Our extensive experience spans from laboratory solenoids to high field NMR systems. In-house cryostat manufacturing capabilities include ultra-low loss cryostats, refrigerated systems and custom design systems. A worldwide network of representatives insures prompt service and solutions to your superconducting magnet system requirements. The in-house engineered and manufactured line of electronic instrumentation includes the laboratory standard IPS-series of low-noise linear power supplies. New instrumentation such as our Model LM-500 Liquid Cryogen Monitor has the unique ability to simultaneously monitor both LHe and LN2 levels. Our complete line of instrumentation includes gaussmeters, temperature monitors, current reversal switches, computer interface modules and more. Superconducting magnet system accessories include our unique Duty-Cycle Optimized current leads, LHe and LN2 sensors, hall effect sensors, temperature sensors, vacuum pumping stations and more. Cryomagnetics is fully equipped to manufacture true turnkey systems to fit all your superconducting magnet system needs. Contact Brian Pollard, Cryomagnetics, Inc., 1006 Alvin Weinberg Drive, Oak Ridge TN 37830, phone: 423/482-9551, fax: 423/483-1253, email: , web:

Cryomech Inc. manufactures the largest variety of Gifford-McMahon Cryorefrigerators and cryostats to suit the needs of the research community. Recent additions to its product line are the LNP series of small, reliable liquid nitrogen plants. Cryomech Inc. has the equipment and experience to meet your requirements in all capacity/temperature ranges. Contact Cryomech Inc., 113 Falso Dr., Syracuse NY 13211, phone: 315/455-2555, fax: 315/455-2544, email:, web:

#2 Kalingaraya Street, Royapettah, Madras 600014 India. Has a cryogenic treatment plant imported from the United States in 1995. Contact E. Rajendran, President, phone: 044-8263932, fax: 91-44-8261332.

CVI (A Chart Industries Co.)
Founded in 1959, CVI is an experienced high technology engineering and fabrication company specializing in cryogenic and high-vacuum applications. CVI provides professional support for custom engineered cryogenic vacuum transfer systems, and offers a complete in-stock line of standard cryogenic components. Core product lines include cryopumps and refrigerator systems, high pressure cryogenic pumps, vacuum jacketed piping, cryogenic valves and bayonet couplings. Major customers and markets include NASA, DOE, DOD, aerospace companies, liquid cryogen producers, industrial gas companies, national laboratories, universities and semiconductor producers. CVI has emerged as a major supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling stations in support of alternate fuels programs. Worldwide customer support is offered by CVI through two full-service facilities located in Columbus OH and Costa Mesa CA, providing engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales and field service. Contact Craig Hoyer, CVI, P.O. Box 2138, Columbus OH 43216, phone: 800/828-7381, fax: 614/876-5648, email: , web:

Cyl-Tec, Inc. is a full service cryogenic and high pressure cylinder maintenance and remanufacturing facility for the industrial and specialty gas industry. Their services include portable cryogenic cylinder repair and remanufacturing, helium mass spectrometer leak detection, N.E.R. (nominal evaporation rate) testing, annular space re-evacuation, plumbing repair and replacement, replacement of getters and molecular sieves, float assembly repairs, internal and external leak repair, repair and replacement of foot rings, handling rings, dent repair and various exterior cylinder cosmetics. Cyl-Tec is a US DOT-approved high pressure cylinder hydrostatic retesting station. Capabilities include hydrostatic testing, external and internal shot blasting, painting, internal washing, gas service changeovers, valve replacement and manifold repairs. New and remanufactured cryogenic and high pressure cylinders and their components are stocked for resale. Contact James Bennett at Cyl-Tec, Inc., 950 Industrial Drive, Aurora IL 60506, phone: 888/429-5832, fax: 630/844-5100.

Durable Metal Products Company, manufacturers of Cryo-TemperTM processors, has dramatically reduced the amount of LN2 required for a tempering processs. Through advances in design and the development of new composite insulation systems, the processors have become more efficient and accurate. DMP's processors are available in custom sizes, configurations and load capacities as well as operating temperature ranges of -185oC (-300oF) to a maximum of 590oC (1100oF). The control package is available as a stand alone or can interface with a P.C., allowing remote operation, programming and monitoring. DMP will also manufacture processors using customer specified control systems, allowing full integration with existing production lines. Contact Jim Wells, Durable Metal Products Co., 32878 N. Forest Drive, Grayslake IL 60030, phone: 800/851-7302, fax: 847/543-0624, email:, web:

Energy and Environmental Equipment, Inc. (EEEI), formed in 1984, provides system design, engineering and equipment for cryogenic applications. Our primary product is the brazed aluminum heat exchanger (BAHX) produced by IMI Marston Limited of Wolverhampton, England. EEEI is the exclusive North American representative of IMI Marston (13 years). In addition to designing the exchanger, EEEI provides engineering, design and system integration of multi-core assemblies, cold boxes and compact kettles. Applications include industrial gases, natural gas processing and petro-chemicals. For pharmaceutical processes, EEEI recently developed a proprietary BAHX design for specialty refrigeration and VOC recovery applications using liquid nitrogen (LN2). Contact F. Dee Duncan, President, 1033 Route 46 East, Ste A-206, Clifton NJ 07013, phone: 973/778-3700, fax: 973/778-3890.

EURUS provides commercial state-of-the-art superconducting technologies in cost effective solutions for electric power distribution. Products include the SL SeriesTM HTS power leads, specialty adhesive alloys for bonding conductive and non-conductive materials, HTS wire and tape and design services for superconducting applications. EURUS' mission is to commercialize and integrate superconducting technology into high quality, profitable solutions for target industries. TeamEURUSTM is an international, market-driven, technology based management team that is highly experienced in superconductivity. EURUS is the first private company to be invited to collaborate on-site with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Based on the positive results of ongoing joint programs with the NHMFL for the development of the world's first commercially available 10 kA-class, encapsulated HTS power lead suitable for deployment in ultra-high magnetic fields, EURUS elected to consolidate its operations adjacent to the Magnet Lab. Headquartered within a global center of excellence for electrical power, EURUS is ideally positioned to accelerate the commercialization of HTS products and services. Contact EURUS, 2031 East Paul Dirac Dr., Innovation Park, Tallahassee FL 32310, phone: 850/574-1800, fax: 850/574-2998, e-mail:, web:

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, popularly known as Fermilab, is operated by Universities Research Association, Inc. (URA), a consortium of major universities in the United States and Canada, for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). DOE is the primary source of support for Fermilab's high energy physics research program. Research at Fermilab, driven by sheer curiosity about what we and the universe are made of, concentrates on finding the ultimate building blocks of nature and on understanding the forces acting between them. The principal scientific instrument at Fermilab is the Tevatron: the final of five separate particle accelerators working in series to accelerate protons to nearly the speed of light, after which they are annihilated either by a fixed target or by a counter-rotating beam of anti-protons. The collision debris is analyzed at the large experiments located at the collision points. The Tevatron, highest in energy of the Fermilab accelerator complex, is made up of 1000 superconducting magnets used to steer the particle beam. These magnets operate at liquid helium temperatures (-450 degrees F) and are cooled by the Tevatron cryogenic cooling system (CSS), which was recently dedicated an ASME International Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark. Contact Jay Theilacker, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, P.O. Box 500, Batavia IL 60510, phone: 630/840-3238, fax: 630/840-4989, e-mail:,web:

State-of-the-art tanks, trailers, related equipment and services. The world's choice for storing and transporting LIQUID HELIUM and HYDROGEN. Gardner Cryogenics is the world's leading developer, designer, and manufacturer of the highest quality storage tanks, tank containers, and trailers for liquid helium and hydrogen. Also providing custom equipment and complex vacuum jacketed piping to maintain temperatures close to absolute zero. Meeting the rigorous demands of liquid helium customers is a major specialty-providing the best equipment backed by the best expertise. Value to customers derives from reliable equipment that assures long-term, energy efficient, and cost-effective performance, exceptional heat-leak performance, with some equipment designed for 0.008 BTU/hr/ft2 (.0000025 watts/cm2)-the lowest in the world; tank containers that provide the longest "hold times" and the highest liquid yields available; patented "transient shield" technology; a commitment to world-class quality confirmed by early receipt of ISO 9001 Certification; manufacturing facilities that feature internationally recognized expertise in precision welding, insulation, and vacuum technology; and a team of multidisciplinary cryogenics experts that has many years of combined experience in a variety of applications such as shield technology and multilayer insulation. Contact Gardner Cryogenics, P.O. Box 257700, Lehigh Valley PA 18002-5770, phone: 610/266-3700, fax: 610/266-3752, email:, web:

Gas Equipment Engineering Corporation (GEECO) was incorporated in 1921 and is actively engaged in the design and manufacture of air separation plants for production of oxygen, nitrogen and argon; systems for the reclamation and purification of helium and argon; purification systems for the removal of water, carbon dioxide and other contaminants from gases; nitrogen purification systems for ultra high purity product; plants for the production of carbon dioxide as gas, liquid or solid; equipment for the liquefaction, storage and transport of various industrial gases, high pressure gas compressors and other gas processing equipment. Designs are developed by engineers with many years of experience in the gas processing field and in applied cryogenics. GEECO has a reputation for delivering reliable products and dependable service. Contact Jeram Kamlani or Robert Freudenberg, P.O. Box 2-237, 1240 Oronoque Rd., Milford CT 06460, phone: 203/874-6786, fax: 203/878-4123, email:

ICE is a unique company made up of a group of diverse individuals. We offer over 20 years of combined experience in the operation, maintenance and repair of cryogenic refrigeration systems. We specialize in the repair and reconditioning of cold heads, cryopumps, helium compressors, activated carbon oil absorbers and other ancillary devices. We also carry a line of self sealing gas flex lines and vacuum jacketed transfer lines. While the bulk of our business involves us in the medical imaging community, we are pleased to offer our services to the vacuum, aerospace, integrated circuit and cryogenic industries. Craftsmanship and concern for detail have made us a leader in our field. Let us help your organization maintain the same high level of excellence. Contact Frank Hughes or Marc Fessler, P.O. Box 527, Mystic Island NJ 08087, phone: 609/294-0012, fax/office: 609/294-0163, e-mail

INOVO currently manufactures liquid oxygen units for the medical industry and has the capability to produce custom designed cryogenic vessels from .5 liters to 50 liters. Competing in today's cost conscious environment, Inovo differentiates itself by making extremely price competitive, high-quality products manufactured for durability and ease of use. We accomplish this through careful design and investment in automated, state-of-the-art technology. We produce all of our own componentry rather than assembling parts and pieces from other manufacturers. The result is products that are superior in quality, consistency and operation. The company's founder and CEO Mr. LeNoir E. Zaiser has over 35 years of expertise in management, design, research, development and manufacturing, primarily manufacturing high-precision parts for the defense industry. By reputation, Mr. Zaiser is known for his unique, innovative engineering skills and commitment to using only the finest state-of-the-art precision machine tools and equipment available. All cryogenic vessels or components meet or exceed the following quality assurance requirements: MIL-1-45208A and DOT 4L specifications. Contact Kevin Confoy, INOVO, 3786 Mercantile Ave., Naples FL 34104, phone: 941/643-6577, fax: 941/643-6530.

Integrated Cryogenic Systems Inc. is a deep cryogenic treatment company. Incorporated November 1996, the company offers deep cycle cryogenic material tempering to -300 degF combined with post cryogenic heat treating to 1150 degF. It is affiliated with Integrated Metallurgical Services Ltd., specializing in post weld heat treatment. At their fully functional facilities the company provides: *Deep Cryogenic Treating Chamber, interior dimensions 96" L x 36" W x 36" D, multi point N2 injection, stainless steel constructed, capable of maximum load mass of 10,000 lbs. *Cryogenic processing control, PC based OPTO 22 System c/w PID ramp cycle control +/- 0.25 degF/min., multi thermocouple data acquisition and auxiliary instrumentation penetrations for resistivity, conductivity and optical pyrometry instrumentation. *Post Cryogenic Heat Treating Facilities, 5' x 5' x 10', car bottom, natural gas fired furnace, 350,000 BTU/hr., full cycle microprocessor controlled, ambient to 1150 degF., hard copy data chart recorder, suitable for maximum load mass of 15,000 lbs. The capital cost of combined facilities is $250K. Contact Collin Pryde, P. Eng., Integrated Cryogenic Systems Inc., 5110A - 77 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2C 2Z2, phone: 403/279-2666, fax: 403/236-3677, email:

International Cryogenics was formed in 1980 to design and manufacture high quality cryogenic equipment. Over the past several years, the company concentrated on aerospace, research and medical segments of the industry. Customer designed equipment has been used for neutron and X-ray diffraction, cooling infrared detectors/arrays, along with dewars, cryostats, and transfer lines for MRI and research. In 1991, International Cryogenics began the design and manufacture of a new line of aluminum cryobiological containers. This new generation of innovative cryo-bio units was successfully launched with their use expanded throughout the worldwide marketplace. New models are continually being introduced to broaden this ever expanding product series. Excellence in design along with creative, new ideas have made this line a product for the future. Contact Donna Jung, International Cryogenics, 4040 Championship Drive, Indianapolis IN 46268, phone: 317/297-4777, toll-free phone: 800/886-2796, fax: 317/297-7988, email:

* Liquid Nitrogen Generators
* Pulse Tube Refrigerators
Kelvin International Corporation (KI) is the exclusive agent in the Americas for a line of liquid-nitrogen generators, pulse tube refrigerators, and other cryogenic equipment designed and built in Japan by Iwatani Plantech Corporation. KI also offers a wide range of cryogenic engineering services aimed at helping customers find the best solution for their cooling requirements. Contact Robert Kilgore at Kelvin International, P.O. Box 4006, Hampton VA 23664. toll-free phone: 800/8-KELVIN, fax: 757/851-5212, e-mail:, www:

L&S Cryogenics, Inc. manufactures cryogenic pumping equipment for applications found in the oilfield, refinery and aerospace industries. Our cryogenic pumping systems can be mounted to a truck chassis or manufactured as a skid for offshore use. We also offer single unit vaporizer packages in 90K ambient and 660K direct-fired applications. Pride in our work, quality products and a total commitment to service, has given L&S Cryogenics, Inc., a reputation in excellence unsurpassed by any other cryogenic pumping system manufacturer. Contact L&S Cryogenics, Inc., 8922 FM 2920 Road, Spring TX 77379-2460, phone: 281/370-3399, fax: 281/251-4505.

LakeShore Cryotronics, Inc. is a manufacturing company with products ranging from cryogenic temperature sensors: Cernox, Carbon Glass, Rhodium-iron, Platinum Resistance, GaAs Diodes, and Silicon Diodes; precision low temperature measurements and control instrumentation and accessories: temperature thermometers, monitors, controllers, transmitters; cryogenic test systems for infrared detector devices; and magnetic measurement instrumentation and test systems including AC Susceptometers/DC Magnetometers with resistivity measurement capability, Vibrating Sample Magnetometers, Hall Effect Measurement Systems, Field Controlled Platforms, Gaussmeters and Hall probes, Magnet power supplies and electromagnets and superconducting magnets. The new IDEASTM (Instrument Drivers for Experimental Applications) Software is designed for the WindowsTM Operating System, to give the user front panel control and a complete set of DDE commands. LakeShore sales are worldwide to consumers in universities; laboratories; ceramic, electronic, communications, chemical, and aerospace industries; and government research. Contact LakeShore Cryotronics, 575 McCorkle Blvd., Westerville OH 43082, phone: 614/891-2244, fax: 614/818-1600, e-mail:, web:

Leybold Cryogenics North America (LCNA) is Leybold's U.S. based extension of its worldwide cryogenic headquarters located in Cologne, Germany. Leybold Cryogenics manufactures a complete line of advanced pneumatic and mechanically driven, single and two-stage Gifford-McMahon (GM) cryocoolers with high effective cooling power over a wide range of temperatures from 80K to 4.2K. Its successful Coolpowerx 4.2GM is a two-stage GM cryocooler which produces 0.5W of cooling power at 4.2K. LCNA activities include manufacturing, engineering, customer support, R&D, applications, factory service and repairs. Product Sales are supported by the Leybold Vacuum Products sales force, which is located in Export PA, while worldwide sales are backed by Leybold's international network. Providing greater global support is parent company, Leybold Vakuum GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, which is also developing new cryopump products for the semiconductor market and other high vacuum applications. Contact Evan Sohm, Marketing Manager, Leybold Cryogenics North America, 25 Sagamore Park Road, Hudson NH 03051, phone: 603/595-3270, fax: 603/595-3280, web:

Lotepro/Linde Kryotechnik is the world's leading supplier of Helium refrigerator/liquefier systems. The units we have supplied cover liquefication rates from 5 L/H (MRI applications) to 5,200 L/H (bulk Helium liquefiers). Our ability to provide optimal process design and the most reliable equipment available permits us to support your projects. Lotepro Corporation, located in Valhalla, NY, is the US subsidiary of Linde AG Munich, Germany. Established in 1962 as an engineering and construction contractor, Lotepro offers state-of-the-art process design, engineering, procurement and construction for air separation, natural gas, helium, and hydrogen liquefaction/refrigeration systems. Lotepro has received ISO 9001 Certification which is a result of our commitment to "Total Quality Management." Linde Kyrotechnik is one of the few companies capable of building gas bearing turboexpanders. Our very reliable turboexpanders are installed in all major European and North American research laboratories. Contact Jurgen Clausen, Lotepro, 115 Stevens Avenue, Valhalla NY 10595, phone: 914/747-3500, fax: 914/747-3422.

Meyer Tool & Mfg., Inc. is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of high vacuum, cryogenic and precision equipment for basic science, research, development and industrial applications. This includes prototype and production as well as unique one-of-a-kind systems, subsystems, assemblies and components. Products include custom cryostats and cryogenic storage dewars, cold box fabrication, coil wound heat exchangers, vacuum chambers for all applications, including UHV, ASME pressure vessels, precision machining of parts and welded assemblies, as well as custom fabrication applications. MTM maintains a vertically integrated 51,000 ft. facility with complete engineering, design, drafting, fabrication, machining, assembly and test capabilities. Contact Kenneth F. Wilson, Manager, Sales and Marketing, at Meyer Tool & Mfg., Inc., 4601 West Southwest Highway, Oak Lawn IL 60453, phone: 708/425-9080, fax: 708/425-2612.

MMR Technologies, Inc. uses patented and proprietary technology and fabrication processes to manufacture cryogenic refrigerators and cooling systems which are unique in form and function and can be used in a variety of rapidly growing, high volume applications. The company sells cryogenic cooling systems to the materials research market, delivers cooling systems for use in computers, and performs research work under contract to government agencies. It has opened new markets for cryogenics including: use of microminiature refrigerators to enhance performance of low noise, electronic instrumentation, use of the refrigerators to cool military infrared sensors and imaging detectors for heat seeking missiles, and the cooling of computer components to enhance their operating speed. CEO and Chairman of the Board is Dr. William A. Little, of Stanford University, who developed the refrigerators. Contact Robert Paugh, Vice President of Sales, MMR Technologies, Inc., 1400 N. Shoreline Blvd., Suite A5, Mountain View CA 94043; phone: 415/962-9620, fax: 415/962-9647; email:, web:

MVE, Inc., is the world's largest designer and manufacturer of cryogenic storage and transport equipment. For over 30 years, MVE has been recognized as an industry leader, providing innovative solutions for cryogenic liquid distribution through the use of vacuum insulated products. MVE is positioned into five market-focused divisions: (1) Industrial Products providing cryogenic systems for gas producers, (2) Biological Storage Systems providing liquid nitrogen systems and storage freezers for the artificial insemination and medical research markets, (3) CAIRETM Inc., providing oxygen therapy equipment for the home health care market, (4) LNG Systems providing refueling stations and on-board fuel systems for the alternative fuels market, and (5) Restaurant Products, providing permanently installed bulk liquid CO2 systems for the fountain beverage market. MVE's products are recognized in over 60 countries worldwide for their quality and durability. Contact MVE, Inc., Two Appletree Square, Suite 100, 8011 34th Avenue South, Bloomington MN 55425-1636, phone: 612/853-9600, fax: 612/853-9661. Web:

One Cryo Inc., with facilities in Orlando FL, Seattle WA and Wasilla AK, are innovators of the Stealth CryoTM and True TemperTM Cryogenic Tempering processes. One Cryo Inc. is a custom cryogenic equipment designer and manufacturer of Deep Cryogenic Tempering chambers capable of operating in a wide temperature range from -400 degF to +400 degF, including multiple heat tempering cycles. Efficiency in processing is achieved through a proprietary multi-layer insulation system, which utilizes the most advanced materials in the industry. The processors are all microprocessor controlled for accuracy and designed for years of reliable, trouble-free operation, and come with an unconditional 24 month warranty. One Cryo also is actively developing new applications and uses for cryogenics such as the Equalizer Softball Bat, designed and produced by One Cryo. One Cryo is committed to the long-term development of new applications for cryogenic tempering and the advancement of standardization in the industry. It's all about performance; demand the very best. From -400 degF to +400 degF, One Cryo makes complete sense. Contact Mike Carlman, Vice President-Operations, 14801 128th Street East, Puyallup WA 98374, phone: 888/663-2796, web:

Oxford Instruments manufactures research instrumentation providing cryogenic and magnet environments for the world-wide research market. Established in 1959, Oxford instruments produced the first commercially available superconducting magnets and dilution refrigerators and has grown to provide a high specification, high quality and diverse range of products and services. Product areas include superconducting magnets, measurement systems for materials characterization at extremes of field and temperature, pulsed magnets generating fields up to 40T, cryostats for spectroscopy, dilution refrigerators giving milli Kelvin experimental access, thin film devices such as SQUIDs and accessories for electron microscopy. Oxford Instruments also supplies associated electronics and cryogenic components and spares. The recently formed Scanning Probe Microscopy group is a major new force in SPM instrumentation, resulting from the integration of WA Technology within Oxford Instruments; an extensive range of products are available. Recent product introductions included the KelvinoxAST, an affordable dilution refrigerator based on sorption pumped technology. Contact Dr. Garry Ferguson, President, Oxford Instruments, 130a Baker Avenue Extension, Concord MA 01742, phone: 508/369-9933, fax: 508/369-6616, web:

PHPK develops and manufactures components, systems and machinery for the cryogenic industry based on advances in design concepts, materials properties and manufacturing technology. These developments include a complete line of valves, 1/2" through 4", bayonets, seal-off valves and other updated components for its vacuum jacketed transfer lines, a new line of reciprocating cryogenic expansion engines, a reciprocating cold compressor suitable for service down to 3K and a modular design Helium refrigerator/liquefier line with 3-16 liter per hour equivalent capacity. These units operate without the need for LN2 precooling and with a standard, integrated control system that allows for remote monitoring and control. PHPK was founded by James G. Pierce in June 1991 with a number of the top technical and administrative experts of the former CryoVac/CVI organization. In November 1995, PHPK combined its administration, engineering and manufacturing operations at a newly acquired 24,000 square foot facility at 535 Enterprise Drive, Westerville OH 43081, phone: 614/436-9114, fax: 614/436-5816, email:, web:

Polycold Systems International is a privately held manufacturing company based in Northern California that has been in business since 1974. Polycold is a member of the ALLIANCE FOR RESPONSIBLE CFC POLICY and a pioneer in the use of non-CFC based refrigeration technology. Polycold's patented low temperature refrigeration systems produce temperatures from 233K (-40 degC) to below 133K (-160 degC) utilizing environmentally safe mixed refrigerants and a single compressor. The refrigeration technique is described as "auto-refrigerating cascade." Heat load capability ranges from a few watts to over 3600 watts depending upon the model and temperature range selected. The major application of the refrigeration systems has need for the high speed cryopumping of water vapor in vacuum systems and for cooling cold traps to prevent backstreaming from oil diffusion pumps and mechanical pumps. Other applications include the condensing of gases for recovery and recycling, heat removal, component testing, etc. that need reliable, long life refrigeration for low temperature operation. Contact Polycold Systems International, 67 Mark Dr., San Rafael CA 94903, phone: 415/479-0577, fax: 415/499-0927.

Premier Cryogenics is a Chicago-based corporation which engineers, installs and services cryogenic and industrial gas systems of any size or complexity within the 48 contiguous United States. Services offered by Premier Cryogenics include complete turnkey systems for medical, industrial, research, or food applications; design and safety suggestions, upgrades or improvements; site and equipment inspections; troubleshooting new or existing problem systems; complete project coordination and start-up services; removal of existing equipment; and rehab or repair of all cryogenic and industrial gas equipment. Contact Cryogenic Engineering Specialist Robert Snyder at Premier Cryogenics, 5516 Cal Sag Road, Alsip IL 60658, phone: 708/396-2349, fax: 708/388-6653.

A cryogenic dewar designer and fabricator, Prentex is an ASME Code pressure vessel manufacturer specializing in custom stainless and nickel alloy vessels for cryogenic and non cryogenic service as well as high-pressure carbon steel vessels. Cryogenic design and fabrication experience includes storage, process and run vessels with design pressures ranging from atmospheric to in excess of 9,000 psi (620 bar). With cryogenic volumes from 9 gallons (34 liters) to 25,000 gallons (94,625 liters), the vessels have weighed up to 260,000 pounds (118,000 kg). Prentex is authorized to design and manufacture pressure vessels under the ASME BOILER AND PRESSURE VESSEL CODE, Section VIII, Divisions 1 and 2. Key personnel include Clyde Durbin, Chairman and Chief Engineer (and a CSA Charter Member); David Wester, President and Production Manager; and Terry Lamkin, Vice President and Senior Engineer. Together, Clyde and Terry bring over 80 years of vessel design experience to Prentex customers. Contact Prentex Alloy Fabricators, Inc., 3108 Sylvan Avenue, Dallas TX 75212-4096, phone: 800/728-3812 or 214/748-7837, fax: 214/748-7850, email:
prentex@iamerica. net, web:

Pressure Systems is a manufacturer of cryogenic pressure transducers for temperatures as low as 1.5 Kelvin. Available as both differential or absolute, these pressure transducers are offered with accuracies to 0.1% of full scale. Compatible with a variety of media such as liquid helium, liquid nitrogen and liquid hydrogen, the pressure transducers are used to measure pressure in superconductor jackets, rocket fuel tanks and magnetic refrigeration systems. Pressure Systems guarantees accuracy and performance by calibrating each transducer at its exact operating temperature(s). A selection of signal conditioners is available to facilitate easy interface to existing data acquisition systems. Contact Mats Dahland, Industrial Product Sales Manager, Pressure Systems, 34 Research Drive, Hampton VA 23666, phone: 757/865-1243, fax: 757/766-2644, e-mail:, web:

Process Systems International, Inc. is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced systems and components for the cryogenic, gas processing and high vacuum industries. As an integrated engineering/manufacturing/construction company, PSI offers complete customer service ranging from feasibility studies to turnkey installations. PSI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chart Industries, Inc. and has engineering and fabrication facilities in Westborough MA and New Iberia LA. PSI specializes in technology for the processing of hydrocarbons and gases. Applications include hydrocarbon recovery systems and fuels (LNG), pollution control and air separation cold boxes. The Standard Cryogenic Systems group produces helium liquefiers for government and university research use and emerging industrial applications. PSI also offers High Vacuum Equipment, such as thermal deep vacuum chambers used to test satellites (often supported by cryogenic systems) to help simulate outer space, and Thermal Conditioning Units. Contact Process Systems International, Inc., 20 Walkup Drive, Westborough MA 01581, phone: 508/366-9111, fax: 508/870-5930, e-mail:, web:

U.S. sales representative for WEKA AG, Baretswil, Switzerland, specializing in the design and manufacture of magnetic level indicators and tank level measuring systems, cryogenic components, and special valves and fittings. With more than 15 years manufacturing experience, WEKA is a leading supplier of cryogenic valves: shut-off and control valves, for cold box mounting, also vacuum jacketed, bellows or gland sealed DN2 up to DN150, up to PN410; bellow sealed valves: for the warm port of cryogenic plants, shut-off and control valves, DN2 up to DN150, up to PN420; specialties for cryogenic applications: cryogenic and warm check valves, pilot cryogenic valves, relief valves, filters, and more; cryogenic transferline couplings: bayonet or Johnston type couplings, multi coaxial couplings, special coupling systems; custom made cryogenic components: transferlines and cryostats, feed-through for current leads of superconducting magnets, cold ejectors, vacuum equipment; space cryogenic fittings: filling and venting coupling systems for LHe/GHe, pilot valves, and more. Contact Jack Bollini, Provac, Ltd., P.O. Box 18411, Greensboro NC 27419, phone: 910/282-6618, fax: 910/ 910/282-6618, fax: 919/288-3375.

Quality Cryogenics, Inc. is an industry leader in cryogenic pipe manufacturing and liquid cylinder repair. QCI was founded in 1992 by seasoned professionals with decades of cryogenics equipment experience. We assembled a small but highly customer-focused staff of talented people with expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing and installation-all of the disciplines necessary to deliver a flawless performing vacuum jacketed piping solution. We manufacture vacuum jacketed pipe in a variety of sizes, bayonet connections, speciality valve boxes, flexible VJ hose and customized helium and hydrogen lines. Contact Tricia Scheffler, Quality Cryogenics, Inc., P.O. Box 724, Jasper GA 30143, phone: 800/966-6167 or 706/692-6167, fax: 706/692-6350, web:

The Gas Plant and Cryogenic Division of Engineered Controls International, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of gas handling equipment including globe valves for use with specialty gases in pressures up to 3500 psi; cryogenic globe and angle valves for use on bulk storage tanks, transports and pipelines where temperatures drop as low as minus 320oF; regulators and relief valves for use on cryogenic and compressed gas systems carrying a variety of gases including helium, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and xenon; automatic changeover regulators and manifold nipples, elbows and crosses. Products are machined from brass, steel and ductile iron, stainless steel, aluminum and zinc ranging from 1/4" through 3" thread size. Contact Ken Meyer, RegO, 3181 Lear Dr., Burlington NC 27215, phone: 910/226-3244, fax: 910/227-6294.

Scientific Instruments, Inc., celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 1997. During this period of time, the Company has provided cryogenic temperature and liquid level sensors and instrumentation products for laboratory, aerospace, industrial, medical, telecommunications and energy applications. Products of particular interest include the Ruthenium Oxide Temperature Sensor which operates in high magnetic fields and radiation environments over the range of 0.50K to 273K. Introduced in 1996, the Genesis Temperature Control System is the most innovative temperature controller on the market. The device is PC based, accommodates all resistive and voltage type sensors, offers programmable heater output and operates as a virtual instrument under LabviewTM or WindowsTM. The Model 6280MP Liquid Level, Temperature and Density Tank Gauging System is designed for use on large liquid natural gas storage tanks. The system will accurately identify temperature and density stratification layers in the tank, alerting the operator through a dedicated DAS or via a ModBus interface to the site DCS. Contact Michael Capers, Vice President of Sales, 4400 W. Tiffany Drive, Mangonia Park, West Palm Beach FL 33407, phone: 561/881-8500, ext. 15, fax: 561/881-8556, email:, web:

Established in the 1970s, Sharjah Oxygen Company manufactures industrial, medical grade and specialty gases and offers related services. These products, along with associated equipment, are supplied on site by liquid tankers and cylinders to numerous industries, including semi-conductors, metals, chemicals and food processing and to medical hospitals throughout the United Arab Emirates and allied GCC countries and to the continent of Africa. In addition, the copmpany also supplies welding equipment, industrial and medical piping systems. Sharjah also imports all types of refrigerant gases and fire extinguishers. Contact Fawzi Assadi, P.O. Box 800, Sharjah UAE, phone: 06-336481, fax: 06-330942.

Company engineers have over a decade of exclusive experience producing and handling slush hydrogen. Sierra Lobo has targeted both government and commercial sectors of the aerospace market to utilize our expertise with the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of densified cryogenic propellant systems, primarily hydrogen and oxygen. The company also provides analysis and supporting research leading to the identification and resolution of potential temperature-related problems in complex systems, such as vehicle cryogenic systems. Additional capabilities include design and analysis of cryogenic liquid transfer and storage vessels, pressure control in cryogenic tanks, and the heat and mass transfer at the cryogenic fluid interfaces. Contact Marian Felder, SIERRA LOBO, 20525 Homestead Park Drive, Strongsville OH 44136, phone: 216/891-9128, fax: 216/826-9658, email:

Statebourne Cryogenics is the United Kingdom's foremost manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. Our standard range includes storage and transport containers for liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen, helium, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. From 0.5 liters to 20,000 liters the range offers solutions to all cryogenic storage problems. Blood, bone marrow, semen, and embryos are all stored in Statebourne equipment worldwide in over 80 countries. Our in-house design team can manage projects from the smallest open dewar to the largest transport tankers. Call us now for details on our comprehensive range of equipment. Statebourne is an ISO 9001 approved manufacturer. Contact Statebourne Cryogenics, 18 Parsons Road, Parsons Industrial Estate, Washington, Tyne & Wear, NE37 1EZ, England, phone: 44(0)191-416-4104, international fax: 44-(0)191-415-0369.

Established in 1985, Stirling Technology Company is the leading manufacturer of long-life maintenance-free Stirling cycle cryogenic coolers. Its BeCOOLTM line of high capacity linear drive coolers is adaptable to meet the requirements for multiple applications that require cooling capacities exceeding 15 watts @ 80K. The coolers have a compact design, are easy to operate and require no maintenance over the service life of 50,000 continuous hours. Contact Hank Crawford at STC, 4208 West Clearwater Ave., Kennewick WA 99336-2626, phone: 509/735-4700, ext. 103, fax: 509/736-3660, email:, web:

The Taylor-Wharton Gas Equipment Division of Harsco Corporation is the world's premier supplier of gas control and containment technologies, including a diverse array of cryogenic and liquified gas containment products. The cryogenic product line includes a wide variety of refrigerators, dewars, and freezers, plus cryostorage units ranging from bulk tanks to portable liquid cylinders. Taylor-Wharton's K-Series Cryostorage units hold controllable temperatures as low as -196xC, and come equipped with a patented Mark 2L, Mark 3 or the new Mark 1 controller. XT series refrigerators feature hinged, lockable tops that provide security for valuable specimens. The convenient LD dewar series provides sturdy, compact storage of liquid nitrogen. Taylor-Wharton's CP CryoPak series withstands long holding times and features a patented absorbent to keep biological samples cold and dry at low temperatures. In addition to its global strength in the industrial gas market, Taylor-Wharton products are market leaders, supporting cryobiological and animal breeding facilities in more than 80 countries worldwide. Contact Taylor-Wharton, 4718 Old Gettysburg Rd., Suite 300, Mechanicsburg PA 17055, phone: 717/763-5060, fax: 717/763-5061, web:

Technical Fibre Products is a materials technology company specializing in the production of high performance tissues for use in the superinsulation of cryogenic vessels and pipes. The products are marketed under the "Supacool" name and are based on a variety of fibre types to suit most application requirements. The Supacool range includes tissues manufactured from 100% inorganic fibers for use in critical applications such as oxygen storage vessels. For less critical applications, easily processed high strength tissues are available. Each type of tissue is available in precision cut coils from one inch wide. Technical Fibre Products has an ongoing development program aimed at producing more efficient and cost effective insulation tissues based on TFP's unique web forming technology and materials processing expertise. Contact Technical Fibre Products Limited, Burneside Mills, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 6PZ, England, phone: 01539-818220, fax: 01539-733850; U.S. office: 2927 Route 6, Slate Hill NY 10973, phone: 914/355-4190, fax: 914/355-4192.

Technifab Products, Inc., is a manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. Founded in 1992, TPI is backed by over 30 years experience in cryogenic design and manufacturing. TPI has a wide range of experience in the production of cryogenic transfer systems, vacuum jacketed pipe, vacuum insulated transfer hoses, vacuum jacketed manifolds, vacuum chambers and dewars. TPI has established a worldwide customer base with applications in industrial biological, medical, aerospace and research and development markets. TPI also provides specialty TIG welding and fabrication services to a variety of non-cryogenic customers. Contact Technifab Products, Inc., P.O. Box 315, Brazil IN 47834, phone: 812/442-0520, fax: 812/442-0891, email:, web:

Since 1980, Tempshield has been developing and manufacturing personal protective apparel, designed to provide protection from ultra cold temperatures. We produce a complete line of cryogenic gloves, sleeves and aprons for use in a wide variety of applications. Our primary markets are biomedical, industrial safety, aerospace, laboratory research, and cryogenic gas producers and distributors. With our products in use in over 75 countries, Tempshield has earned the reputation as the leading producer of cryogenic protective apparel. Contact Tempshield, Inc., P.O. Box 199, Mt. Desert ME 04660, phone: 207/288-2796, fax: 207/288-9890.

Teratech is a cryogenic consulting firm that provides cryogenic engineering, design and analysis for its clients. Projects can range from simple cryogenic cooling needs to complex systems. We can provide marketing studies, concepts and ideas as well as hardware and implementation necessary to launch products. Teratech also provides cryogenic seminars that cover cryogenic safety training, handling of cryogenic fluids, properties of cryogenic fluids, cryogenic distribution systems, material selections, cryogenic food technology and vacuum technology. Their staff has over 100 years of combined experience and has worked for and closely with three major national laboratories and the University of Chicago. Clients include AlliedSignal, American Superconductor, Dove International, M&M Mars, Precision Scientific, Allegan and Scott Aviation. Contact James R. Missig,Teratech, 815 Cassie Drive, Joliet IL 60435, phone: 815/744-2831, fax: 815/744-7370.

Founded in 1973, Thermax designs and builds a wide range of Cryogenic and Chemical Vaporizers, Gas Heaters, Fluid Coolers, Condensers, Vapor Recovery and Emission Controllers. Standard designs or custom equipment designed for a specific application are available. Best noted for Cryogenic Vaporizers, a full line is described in a 38 page catalog covering Ambient, Electric, Steam, Defrostable, and Hybrid models which are used in over 40 countries throughout the world. An experienced engineering staff and well rounded manufacturing facilities in 3 New England locations enable Thermax to design and manufacture to many world wide codes including ASME, CRN/Canada, SSA/Australia, TUV/AD Merkblatter/Germany, SFS/Finland, HPGL/JIS Japan among others. The engineering staff has 3 professionally registered engineers providing capability to meet many of the new documentation and specification requirements at large cryogenic installations. For further information, request the Thermax catalog or contact Bill Everett, Sales Manager, at Thermax Inc., 695 Dartmouth St., So. Dartmouth MA 02748, phone: 508/999-1231, fax: 508/993-4036.

The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Jefferson Lab is a world-class nuclear physics research laboratory used to probe the nucleus of the atom to learn more about the quark structure of matter. In order to accomplish this, Jefferson Lab employs a continuous electron beam with high energy, high current and excellent quality. The beam is accelerated in a superconducting radio-frequency accelerator based on the world's largest number of superconducting cavities, some 338 in all. The cavities are cooled by liquid helium from a 4.8 kW refrigeration plant, the world's largest at 2K. The laboratory focuses on scientific exploration as well as educating the next generation in science and sustaining partnerships with industry in a robust technology transfer program including a superconducting 1 kW Free Electron Laser. Jefferson Lab is managed and operated by the Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA), which is a consortium of 41 universities under contract with the Department of Energy (DOE). Contact Public Affairs Manager Linda Ware at Jefferson Lab, 12000 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News VA 23606, phone: 757/269-7689, fax: 757/269-7398, web:

TSA (Thomson, Sponar & Adams), established in 1988, is an international executive search firm that specializes in the broader areas of applied superconductivity with a specific focus on all aspects of the cryogenic community. TSA's unusually experienced staff (225 years of experience) and its excellent process have earned an exceptional industry reputation. They are known for their integrity, their professionalism, and their commitment to total confidentiality. Frank Adams, President of TSA, and his group know the community extremely well and because Frank attends a lot of gatherings and conferences, most of you know him. Frank's focus is to help companies fill their personnel needs with top quality people and to help top quality people find excellent opportunities. They are doing this very, very well and they look forward to serving both the people and the organizations of the cryogenic community for many years to come. Contact Thomson, Sponar & Adams at 10116 36th Ave. Ct. SW, Ste. 200, Lakewood WA 98499, phone: 253/588-1216, fax: 253/588-2528, e-mail:, web:

A diversified energy product and service company providing a broad range of specialized services to utilities and industrial clients. The company acquires and dismantles energy plants including propane and LNG peak shaving systems, nitrogen and industrial gas plants; provides system engineering and design, turnkey construction and installation, and grass roots project development of LPG terminals and propane air systems. Products include: Used and/or reconditioned nitrogen and LNG transportation equipment, vaporizers, compressors, generators, mixers and blenders, LNG and nitrogen ASME storage tanks to 55,000 gallons. Other services include demolition of spheres, gas holders and other field erected storage, gas flaring and purging, underground tank removal, environmental services, and maintaining the largest inventory of ASME propane tanks in the U.S. Contact Robert Armentano, President, 711 Westchester Ave., White Plains NY 10604, phone: 914/682-0181, fax: 914/682-3510.

300 Below, Inc., is the leader in the Deep Cryogenic Tempering industry. Publicity in 26 national magazines, national television exposure with "The Next Step" on the Discovery channel and 80 radio stations have propelled 300 Below, Inc., to a position of high profile in the eyes of industry and the business world. 300 Below, Inc., treats tooling and parts at -300 degF to improve their properties. The advantages that Deep Cryogenic Tempering brings to you are significant increases in abrasive wear, stabilization and durability; all of which significantly increase useful life. These can be accompanied by increases in tensile strength, toughness and stability coupled with the release of internal residual stresses. We provide Deep Cryogenic Tempering services for all types of industrial tooling, engines and components for racing teams, firearm barrels and components for precision shooters and sportsmen, instruments for musicians, items for sports and others. We also provide equipment for performing the Deep Cryogenic Tempering process. Our new 5th Generation processor is the Model 701. It has state-of-the-art microprocessor temperature profile control which assures repeatability and reliability. Contact Robert W. Brunson, President, 2101 East Olive, Decatur IL 62526, phone: 217/423-3070 or 800/550-CRYO, fax: 217/423-3075, email:, web:

VBS Industries was founded in 1979 and has its headquarters in Campbell, California, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. VBS is in the business of developing and manufacturing leading technologies associated with the efficient and safe distribution of cryogenic fluids. As specialists in liquid nitrogen systems, VBS works with its customers to reduce product waste and improve efficiency and safety when transferring LN2. Services include complete system design, engineering and manufacturing of vacuum-insulated LN2 flex hoses and pipelines for a variety of industrial, electronic and food applications. Other VBS products include a patented SAFEFILL system for the automatic filling of small dewars on SEMs and EDXs, an exclusive model ADF-10 automatic dewar filling station for larger pressurized dewars and a variety of related cryogenic hardware including liquid level control systems. VBS is also a source for superinsulated 400 gallon LN2 storage vessels. Contact VBS for the Very Best Solution to your cryogenic transfer problems. Contact Alex Ziegler, VBS Industries, Inc., 808 East McGlincey, Campbell CA 95008, phone: 408/371-3303, fax: 408/371-3320, email:, web:

Wessington Cryogenics, established in 1984, has built up a comprehenisve range of liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen and helium storage vessels for research, medical, biological and industrial applications. Standard vessels range from 2.5 liters to 12,000 liters-larger and intermediate sizes available on request. All products are designed, constructed and tested in-house and can be built in accordance with a variety of international pressure vessel codes including ASME, BS5500, TueV, ADR, ISPESL, Stoomwezen, Japanese High Pressure Gas Laws among others. Non standard designs, spares and accessories and vessel refurbishment form a major part of our business. Please call for further details. ISO framed tanks for the offshore industry are also available. Wessington was granted ISO 9001 in 1995. Contact Wessington Cryogenics Limited, Building 9, Philadelphia Complex, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne & Wear, DH4 4UG, England, phone: +44 (0) 191 512 0677, fax: +44 (0) 191 512 0745, email:, web:

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